A Full 8 Ounces

A Full 8 Ounces
By: Kevin Bryant

I pledge allegiance to the man
And not to the flag of America
And to the socialist state
For which he builds
One party rule
Under Obama
All empowered
With no liberties or justice for any

Before this so called stimulus package was ever passed, VP Joe Biden stated that there was a 30% chance they would get it wrong. Before President Obama signed this bill into law, there were hints of Stimulus II already making its way around certain circles. Almost immediately after signing this bill into law, President Obama stated that the idea of a second package was not off the table.

We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism. - Nikita Khrushchev

My first permanent assignment in the navy was a supply ship that carried a crew of roughly 270 officers and enlisted. Having spent 45 months on there, you pretty much get to know everyone. One day I was out walking around the flight deck just getting some air and a cook that slept two rows over from me came out about the same time. We walked around the mini flight deck shooting the breeze and he made a comment about me giving him a ration of “crap”. I asked him how much “crap” it takes to make a ration and he stated that the navy manual says it’s a full 8 ounces.

Ladies and Gentlemen, since January 2001 and the end of the Reagan Republican era, we have been receiving those small doses of socialism from our U.S. Congress. Since January 2007, we have been getting our full helpings of socialism from Congress. Since January 2009, it just continually flows with as much volume as water flowing from the Mississippi River.

We hear from The Big Three: Obama, Pelosi & Reid, the words security and comfort used in every speech they make. We hear how the government is going to provide that for us. I never remember my grandparents or even my parents using those words when talking about the government. I never once heard them say that they demanded or even wanted those things from the government. They grew up in a time where personal responsibility was taught both at home and in school. They were taught that we are what we make of ourselves.

There are several variations of a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. The quote is something like “He who would surrender a little freedom for security deserves neither and will lose both”. I think those words speak more truth now than at any other time in our nations history except maybe during the time of the Revolutionary War.

These are dangerous times. We are being lead by our government in a direction that has never before been seen in our 230 plus year history. The road that we are traveling is paved with uncertainty and is littered with tried and failed policies. A Stimulus II package would most certainly contain elements that would further diminish our freedoms beyond the current package and done so in the name of security.

Congress and President Bush knew that most of America did not want the bank bailout. This congress and President Obama knew that most Americans did not want this stimulus package passed. America was ignored both times. If conservatives do not now stand up and voice in unison our disgust with this congress and administration on how they ignore us, if we do not raise our voices to be heard over the loads of “crap” that the Big Three spew out on a daily basis, if we don’t put every effort into the defeat of those in both houses of congress who’s ears tune out our words, then conservatism, freedom, liberty and free enterprise loses and is likely never to recover from the blows they have been dealt over the years and especially the past 6 months.