Sniglets 06-09

Sniglets 06-09

An increasing presence in Afghanistan
As President Obama decreases military presence in Iraq, and moves forces to Afghanistan, it will require routes over Soviet airspace and landmasses. One has to wonder what concessions we will be making to then with an increase of Soviet-US conflict. When the Soviets entered Afghanistan in 1989, Zbigniew Brzezinski remarked to then President Carter “we have now handed the Soviets their ‘Vietnam.” It sure is reassuring to know that we have now assumed the same role, obviously Obama hasn’t studied much history. Nine years, and the Soviets couldn’t defeat them, maybe we can borrow more money from China to defeat them!

Venezuela referendum vote
On Feb 15th Venezuela will vote to accept or deny Hugo Chavez’s move to allow indefinite re-elections. As of this past week massive protests have cropped up hoping to “put the genie back in the bottle” so to speak, and turn down his bid for dictatorship.

Robert F Kennedy Jr.
The Katherine Hepburn voice double has now stated in front of a congressional committee that he thinks the Hog farmers in the US pose more of a threat then Osama Bin Laden. Rambling on in circles about pollution as he always does, he claimed that we are far more likely so suffer from pollutants then from terror in general. His diatribes make even Al Gore look sane by comparison.

If Sarah Palin
If Sarah Palin was the poster child for the Republican Party, then the mother of the octuplets born in California is the poster child of the Democratic Party. She embraces everything the conservatives see as vile. She lives off tort spoils, she has no job, uses food stamps, welfare, and she makes the government pay for in-vitro fertilization. The sad part is that the liberals probably don’t see anything wrong with it.

Skewing the numbers?
The White House seeks to take control of the census, relieving the Commerce Department of the totally non-partisan record keeping of the past, once again making yet another duty of government a political football of sorts. Can you imagine Carl Rove taking over census taking in the beginning of the Bush Administration, exactly how is Rahm Emanuel different?

Abe Lincoln?
More like FDR, let’s review, as described in Wikipedia…”Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected in 1932 and inaugurated March 4, 1933, primarily blamed the excesses of big business for causing an unstable bubble-like economy. Democrats believed the problem was that business had too much money, and the New Deal was intended as a remedy, by empowering labor unions and farmers and by raising taxes on corporate profits. Regulation of the economy was a favorite remedy. Some New Deal regulation (the NRA and AAA) was declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. Most New Deal regulations were abolished or scaled back in the 1970s and 1980s in a bipartisan wave of deregulation. However the Securities and Exchange Commission and Social Security won widespread support”…… history not being taught in schools anymore? Does the analogy of the “New Deal”, relate to Obama’s “Raw Deal?” Only the Democrats seem to forget why we installed presidential term limits.

MD in debt
I want to know when Governor Martin O’Malley will demand repayment of the $11 million that was spent because of the Obama Inauguration. I don’t see other states that have spent that to receive our Messiah. Does our braindead Governor think this will have an effect on the division of funds for the “stimulus?” Obviously you aren’t getting a post in Obama’s cabinet Martin, so maybe it’s time to collect past bills, and lighten the load of those whom didn’t vote for him.

Help for Elkhart, IN
Obama said after visiting Elkhart, Indiana (RV capitol of the country)….. “there are people who want to buy RV’s who because of the credit crunch can’t get loans”….I’m sorry but this is one of those things that Barack Obama doesn’t understand. People aren’t buying RV’s because they are in a category considered either discretionary purchases or purchases from expendible income. This is one of those areas that lag first in an economical downturn, and don’t reflect the country as a whole, the people in that industry made the choice to work for a company that could suffer first in these times.

Prosecution of the Bush Administration?
Patrick Leahy of Vermont wants to prosecute members of the Bush Administration, but yet has made no mention of the democrats in congress who gleefully declared there were no problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage giants, and CONTINUE to be major parts of the same committees that looked the other way when they were told about an impending crisis.

Newsweek Cover
An article in the new Newsweek lauds the new administration as “we are all socialists now,” as being closer now to the French or EU stance then the past USA stance. They have basically congratulated the Obama Administration on the change to socialism. Sad time indeed for our country!

Senator Chuck Schummer
Sen. Schummer confided to a senate group on Tuesday, that “even though there are some porky items in the senate stimulus plan, America really doesn’t care.” This rather cavalier attitude gives the impression to other senators, it’s ok to add pork barrel to ANY bill. Unfortunately because this appropriations bill was crafted by the democrats as a whole and included no input at all from the republicans, the finger points to them alone for the pork, but it’s a shame that we don’t know exactly which Senators added what pork……..some transparency!
House finance committee grills banking CEO’s
Rep. Barney Frank (known as the most intelligent man in the house)……..god help us! Wednesday Frank is grilling, and bashing banking CEO’s for a multitude of sins that he himself, along with his committee had enabled. This is truly the pot calling the kettle black, but as we know the democrats always need a whipping post, to make themselves look smarter, better, and unscathed! I await the day that Barney Frank sits in front of the house ethics committee, in that same hot seat!

Fairness Doctrine
There has been increasing chatter about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. This doctrine had to do with fairness in talk radio. Of course the leading group are the liberals, they believe that there isn’t equality in talk radio, liberal vs conservative, labeled as the “let’s silence Rush” act. Personally I don’t appose this action, but what I DO appose is it’s application to just talk radio, let’s institute it in all forms of media, TV, radio, newspaper, afterall equal is equal!