Are We Waking Up?

Are We Waking Up?
By: Kevin Bryant

More often than not, we buy a pair of shoes and shortly after the newness goes away, so does the comfort. We buy a new mattress and it feels great and we sleep great, but soon our sleep patterns return to what they were before. We buy a new car and the that new car smell is great, but soon it fades and no matter what we do, we can’t get that smell back to the way it was.

Last November, America elected a new President. In office now for just over a month, is the newness already wearing off? Could it be that America is starting to see that President Obama is as far to the left as conservatives said and warned people that he was?

Though I didn’t think it was possible, but in the Democratic Primary Debates, President Obama was more to the left of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and every other candidate, except the munchkin man, Dennis Kucinich. During the debates against John McCain, we saw a totally different President Obama. We saw a candidate that spoke like a moderate democrat and gave America the impression that he would govern from the center of the political spectrum. What a total crock of crap that impression turned out to be, but with the help of mainstream media, he did manage to fool enough people into believing it that he got himself elected.

Is it possible that America is finally starting to wake up?

I don’t put much faith in polls except for the Rasmussen Polls, but to be “fair & balanced”; I took the numbers from two independent polls (Rasmussen & Gallup) and threw in the CNN & Fox polls so that it would be fair. What do the polls say about the Messiah?

Gallup poll of 01/21 – 01/23 had Obama’s approval rating at 68% and disapproval rating at 12%. Rasmussen 01/25 – 01/27 had 62% and 36%. Fox’s numbers were 65% & 16% on 01/27 – 01/28, while CNN’s 02/07 – 02/08 numbers were 76% & 23% respectfully. I really don’t care much about the approval versus disapproval numbers as much as I do the difference between the two. On average, 46% more Americans believed that Obama was doing a good job than disapproved of the job he was doing.

The latest polls taken between 02/17 & 02/22 show something different. Gallup is now 62% & 25%, Rasmussen shows 58% & 40% while Fox has the numbers at 60% & 26% and lastly CNN comes in with 67% & 29% respectively. So, on average over the past 4 weeks, Obama’s approval rating has slipped 6% while is disapproval rating has climbed 8.25%. Here is the number I look at though, the difference between those that approve versus disapprove of the job he is doing has slipped 14.25 points to 31.75%.

At this pace, his numbers will be comparable to those of congress by Thanksgiving. 2 turkeys in the White House for Thanksgiving, one on the table surrounded by stuffing and cranberry sauce while the other will be sitting at the head of the table.