The Wicked Witch of the Midwest loses her position

According the Chicago Tribune, Michelle Obama’s position at University of Chicago Medical Center, has been eliminated due to “budget cuts.”

One can’t help but to wonder why they eliminated that position. Was it because of the actual cut backs, or was it because Roland Burris the “new junior senator” of Illinois doesn’t have a wife to fit into Michelle’s position? Maybe, just maybe it was the fact that the position was created just for Obama’s wife to offer a vehicle to pay back Barack for his pork barrel that filtered it’s way to the University of Chicago?

Since Barack is no longer in a position to help them the position dried up! Just how does a position that paid $300,000 a year on a part time basis just dry up?

Of course it might have been a title only, but then we already know that Michelle Obama “works twice as hard as the average American, to get the same pay.”

After seeing what Bill Clinton’s first lady got herself into, one can only begin to guess the trouble that will be stirred by the new resident of the White House, or will she get a “real job?”

She will probably have to get at least another “part time” job to pay for those nasty bills for piano lessons and summer camp, not to mention the private school the girls attend at the price of $28,000 per year, but we all have these problems don’t we?,0,5270924.story