Open Letter to Eric Holder

Open Letter to Eric Holder
By Al Ritter

This weekend I have found myself boiling inside about Eric Holder’s comment this week about how people in America are cowards. Maybe his choice of words were harsh, maybe they were purposely placed. I did some research on Eric Holder, and found some interesting facts.

The first thing I found was Eric’s father was from Barbados, and his mother’s parents were also from Barbados, so the best he can label himself is a “man of color.” He isn’t African-American.

Although he grew up in East Elmhurst, Queens, NY, and came from a family of modest means, it was his scholastic ability that led him to his law degree, and final ascension to his job at the Justice Department.

His appointments to civil service started with Ronald Reagan, and followed every President except George H.W. Bush from what information I have been able to collect.

I have a few problems with his speech, number one is…..does he label the Americans who are cowards…. “white America?” Number two is, does he consider himself one of the people that “white America” won’t socialize with? Number three is, the self- segregation comment aimed at “white America?”

My next problem revolves around the “self appointed” spokesmen of the “black race” that hide behind the guise of being ministers. I speak of Reverends Jackson and Sharpton, professional race baiters who still don’t have a church, but are never at a shortage for opinions. They travel the country in search of a new controversy to label it “racist” whether the name fits or not. Thirty years of this treatment and the white population has a right to be shell shocked to start a conversation about race with ANYONE let alone an African-American.

If he labeled the white population as being the cowards in America, he practices his own form of discrimination. Sure there are radical mouthpieces in both races, but the ones that are given a pulpit are the ones to blame for the lack of conversation.

He speaks of self-segregation as if it’s just a white thing. Well Mr. Holder it isn’t! Blacks stay in their own groups as much as whites do. To label it as discrimination IS discrimination; it labels things as being racist, when just maybe they aren’t. When America was in its heyday of LEGAL Immigration, Germans, Irish, Italians, etc. lived in communities where they felt most comfortable. They related better to people with customs, and cultures just like them!

Look at any TV show today, and you will see stereotypes in all races. For better or worse, they are usually characterizations far more along the lines of caricatures of a race. Of course a lot of what shows is an exaggeration, but the basis of the ideas are generally accurate.

I guess what I’m saying Mr. Holder is, self-segregation is exactly what it says it is, it happens in “black America,” it happens in “white America.” Past history of race baiters has made “white America,” more careful of what they say and to whom, and “black America,” has almost never been labeled as making racists comments. Why do you suppose that is?

Your comments made in the Justice Department speech have no place in any speech as Attorney General of the United States of America. You have abused the office to which you were named, not to mention the audacity of your comments after being named the first “black” Attorney General on the coat tails of the first “black” President of the United States of America. How can you say with a straight face that “blacks are treated with inequality when Barack Obama obtained the exact opposite of what Martin Luther King professed…..he said he longed for the day where a black man could be judged for the content of his character rather then the color of his skin……. “Hope and Change” doesn’t equal character, two years as a US Senator doesn’t equal character, which leaves the color of his skin………..but I’ll be labeled as a racist now, because I have expressed my opinion, so Mr. Holder, it’s your turn.