Sniglets 08-09

Sniglets 08-09

Fiscal Responsibility
President Barack Obama held a “Fiscal Responsibility Summit” on Monday. This meeting was nothing more them a group hug, and rationalization among Congressional Democrats after the recent passing of the stimulus package. After an actual inheritance of 400 billion dollar debt (not the 1 ½ trillion Obama claims), the increase of 1.3 trillion dollar spending package, and the President claims he will reduce the debt by half in his first term? Why did he spend it to begin with then? If he doubles the debt then promises to reduce it by half, wouldn’t he just be reducing it by the amount he spent? To spend the money then to make claim to reducing it in 4 years is absolutely ludicrous, he’s talking from both sides of his head!

Senators Cardin and Mikulski
In a recent local TV ad have claimed to have insured 11 million previously uninsured children. The ad goes on to encourage you to call and personally thank them for their actions. The ad then goes on to say that this will contribute to more affordable health insurance in the future. How exactly does a demand to insure previously uninsured children affect my ability to get more affordable health insurance? Who do the two senators thinks pay for the 11 million kids?…… More democratic double speak to hide the impending socialized medicine.

Mexico update
As I reported earlier, Mexico will be our newest security issue of the future. The mayor of Juarez, Mexico has moved his family to El Paso, Texas in fear for their lives. The chief of police in Juarez has quit! The threat is real, the concern should be ours. Mexico has criticized our country and policies, but is unable to calm violence and illegal exit from their country. President Obama had better fund extra security on our southern border, or risk increased crime in our country. On Wednesday the government revealed a new infra-red technology to catch Mexican illegals trying to cross the border. Have we ever had problems catching them? The biggest problem we have with Mexican-American borders is the “catch and release” mindset. Let’s enforce the laws we have and clamp down on the law. The leading city in the world right now for kidnapping is Mexico City, the second is Phoenix, Arizona!…..wake up America, time to shut down the borders!

Oh there ya go again Joe
Vice President Joe Biden is going to be handed the job of handling the transparency and accountability of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This is pretty funny to put Joe in charge of that, he’s certainly never been known as a “watchdog” of anything, let alone his propensity to foot in mouth disease. Wasn’t it President Obama who offered any law to the American Public for 5 days to “inspect” before signing it into law? Maybe Joe will castigate Barack and hold his feet to the fire on that one……but we aren’t a nation of torture anymore…..yea suuuuuuuuure he will!!!!!! “Nobody messes with Joe!”

Call them what you wish, earmarks, pork-barrel, pay offs to states, President Obama has claimed he will reduce earmarks after his American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. After? What exactly was included in that program? PORK,PORK,PORK!!!! Senator Schummer told Congress that people don’t care about earmarks. Who is right? Who is the boss? The better question still is ……….let’s DEFINE earmarks first, then work to eliminate them. Obviously Obama doesn’t see any in the ARRA of 2009, so what are they then Mr. President, and why were they funded, but the military “reinvestment” amendment turned down? Just 24 hours after claiming to eliminate earmarks the house introduced the Omnibus Appropriation including yet MORE earmarks, 8600 of them to be exact to the tune of $8 billion, when will the President return these pork-laden bills back to the originators to eliminate this junk?

Homeland Security Chief
Secretary Napolitano saw fit to avoid the words “terror” and “9/11” in her first testimony to congress, one has to wonder why. Why would those words be absent from the Homeland Security chief? Homeland Security was formed in the shadow of 9/11, because of an attack by terrorists. My $64,000 question would be, who said these words wouldn’t be spoken? Was it her choice and hers alone, or did it come from a higher source and why? If they were hers then she doesn’t deserve her post……..if it was Obama……well I repeat myself.

The Great Society
Not since the reign of LBJ have we seen such a spend fest of working citizens funds to benefit those in the country of non-producers. We have returned to the ideology of supporting the non-producers and raising the bar, without actually defining the ones that need to donate to the cause. We have become a society that punishes the successful and rewards the non-working or illegal class. What is the incentive to succeed? The government wants to regulate “success,” they want to control the amount of money the private sector makes. They want to control perks of publicly owned companies. They want to control the very products they make and sell. The trouble with this line of thinking is, who draws the line? Who decides who benefits and who decides who pays?