What a Joke

What a Joke
By: Kevin Bryant

This has got to be someone’s idea of a practical joke. In fact this is the biggest crock of CRAP I have read to date on this subject.
President Obama’s quick response to last week’s deadly ice storm that swept through several states - and currently has our neighbor to the north in dire straights - shows what a competent administration can do when they recognize the urgent need to help their people and they’re not looking to place blame (See President George W. Bush telling the world the “I don’t think anyone anticipated a breach of the levees” whopper as well as any one of his revisionist exit interviews.)
Although the problem continues to worsen in some areas - mostly due to treacherous road conditions that make them unnavigable - needed supplies from Mobile Emergency Response Support units (portable radio towers, repeaters and radios; multiple portable KU Band satellite systems and satellite telephones to help officials in areas where cellular towers are inoperative) and FEMA (Incident Response Vehicle, technicians, and radio/repeater equipment, and industrial size generators) are reaching the hardest hit areas.
As hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians lingered in the dark nearly a week after an ice storm wrecked the state’s power grid, National Guard troops prepared to go door-to-door to check on residents….The Federal Emergency Management Agency was also on the ground delivering generators, food and water to residents in need….Utility crews worked feverishly to restore electricity amid the largest state power outage on record…
Even the shelters are getting what they need.

Why can I call this a load of crap….easy, I was in north central and north east Arkansas last weekend and saw first hand what it was still like 5 days AFTER this storm.

Obama’s quick response……..WHAT DAMN RESPONSE???? So what if he declared it a federal disaster area. He was too busy meeting with congressmen and women trying his best to get his stimulus (liberal spending) bill passed. And when he wasn’t doing that, he was nice and comfortably tucked away in an overheated white house while many were without heat.

No one in Arkansas that I know of got a generator from the government. My parents got theirs because I drove 8 hours to bring them one. A friend of mine drove to Birmingham ALABAMA to get one because none were to be had within a 300 mile radius.

The Messiah was too busy preparing to watch the superbowl with his leftist cronies to even bother visiting the area and see first hand what his LACK OF ACTION was doing to the area.

As for FEMA….they must have all gone to Kentucky because NONE were in Arkansas. The only people there were volunteers from neighboring states whose governors donated supplies and National Guard troops to help. Too bad FEMA couldn’t even bring chain saws to the area for the troops to use. What few they had, they brought with them.

Luckily for my parents, the power came back on shortly after I arrived because old refurbished equipment was being trucked in from areas that were previously hit by Katrina. According to the mayor of my hometown, they weren’t sure if the equipment was hold the load or last for any great period of time, but they were thankful for anything.

The stuff I bought and brought to Arkansas other than the generator was snagged up in a hurry and people were willing to may much more than I gave for this stuff. Overall, I bought just over $1200 worth of various items to take to my parents and for the record…..the stuff that was sold, I didn’t even get back all I had paid for it.

The article above claims the roads were impassable. BULL HOCKIE!!!!!!! If I can take my Dodge 1500 2 wheel drive anywhere on highway the evening of January 30th, then I know for a fact that a 4 wheel drive with a competent driver and carrying a chainsaw and a logging chain could get to anywhere on that state by the morning of January 30th.

Obama and his faithful media had the audacity to bash Bush and his actions following Hurricane Katrina. Obama even went out of his way to bash Bush on the White House website. Where do you see an outcry from the media about the mismanagement of this situation…..you don’t.

Bush visited New Orleans, even helped offload and carry supplies to several aide stations. Obama sat on his butt in the warm and cozy Oval Office and did nothing. New Orleans population immediately after the storm was mainly black and the areas hit by the recent ice storm has a population that is mainly white……….WHO ARE THE RACISTS NOW?