The Fairness Doctrine is anything but….

The Democrats own the House, the Senate, the White House, and now they want to own “talk radio.” They don’t wish to challenge the media in general, just the talk radio segment.

This is one of the remaining strongholds for conservatives, and they don’t want to see it remain for long. Liberal talk radio has been tried, but it failed plain and simple. If it was popular don’t you think it would still be in the market place?

I say if the Democrats want a fairness doctrine of sorts, let it include the main stream left media also, TV, cable, newspapers. If it can’t include those medias it isn’t “fair” is it?

Obviously Rush Limbaugh gets under Obama’s skin, but Barack has wasted effort trying to paint him as the face of conservatives. That is just as funny as painting Keith Olbermann as the face of liberals.

The Democrats don’t want to hear a dissenting voice anywhere, not in congress, not in the White House, not in the news media, and now not in talk radio. Absolute power leads to dictatorship, and this is the aim of the new liberals. They berate anyone or thing that doesn’t believe in the greater good of the “party line.” They practice hypocrisy in its truest form with the latest cabinet appointments of the Obama Administration.

This absolute power is entering a zone of no return. Obama ran his campaign on two basic things, first and foremost was the removal of troops from Iraq, and second he ran on the idea of fixing the economy. He is now moving troops to fight a war in Afghanistan, a war that the Soviets couldn’t win in 9 years. He has expanded National Debt to figures unheard of in modern times, caused by policies instituted by his party in 1977, that lead to a falsely inflated housing market pushed by ACORN, until the bubble burst some 30 years later.

I mention these things because the time has come to stop the continued trend. It is time for at least a second voice to be heard. Two heads have always been better then one, and for certain two parties are better then one. Our country has always been about compromise, and this should be no exception. We voted in a President, and the majority of the country has spoken. But remember this was an inauguration and not a coronation, his power is limited, his actions are that of a man, a man who will make mistakes, a human…………….not a deity.