Is it just me, or……

Is it just me, or……

Do you wonder where you can actually FIND the senate stimulus plan, to make an informed decision about whether to support it or not?

Do you wonder why Democrats call everything they do “bipartisan support” whether the Republicans were part of it or not?

Do you wonder how the reported 586 items of “pork” in the stimulus plan (if you can find it) are supposed to help America?

Do you wonder why Obama doesn’t work for the IRS collection department, because just a mere appointment to a cabinet position seems to free the uncollected funds from tax dodgers at previously unheard of level?

Do you wonder why the ability to do a job out weighs morally and ethicly correct behavior in the democratic view?

Do you wonder when did the senate eliminate a true two party dynamic in the writing of bills, stimulus plans, and any other social programs?

Do you wonder how the very same people that were responsible for the housing financial problems stay in their committees, and continue to make mistakes, but claim them now as being in our “best interests?”

Do you wonder if those same members of Congress will ever be the subjects of an ethic committee investigation?

Do you wonder how going from a $439 billion dollar deficit to a $2 to $3 trillion dollar deficit will fix our financial woes?

Do you wonder what the status of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 is now? If the wealthy can’t buy a house with an excellent credit score are those undeclared income loans still being made, or are the banks in violation of that act?

Do you wonder why the permanently surprised looking Rep.Nancy Pelosi leader of the house, could write an $830 billion dollar stimulus package when she claimed there were 500 million people unemployed in our country, when there are only 300 million in the US?

Do you wonder how we can wage yet another war in Afghanistan, while decreasing military spending by 10%, and promising to eliminate the nuclear arsenal?

Do you wonder about the increasingly partisan rhetoric totally excluding the Republican Party?

Do you wonder with an increasing posture of the Soviet Union to the Cold War status, who will fund the military, with all our funds for the next 10 years being used to nationalize/socialize our financial sector?

Do you wonder who has the right to sign off our rights as citizens to self-government, and hand that power to the United Nations for a New World Order?

Do you wonder why it costs $330,000 to create a job that pays $30,000 a year? Is the clerical expenditure that costly in government?