I Still Have Hope

I Still Have Hope
By: Kevin Bryant

When I sat down at my desk today, I had no clue as to what I would write about. I noted last night that my favorite polling group, Rasmussen has Obama’s approval rating dipping below 60% and his disapproval rating topping 40% now. That little margin in between the numbers is slowly but steadily shrinking. I could probably sit here and fill up a couple of pages on why this makes me happy or why I think this is happening.

I finally got around to a couple of emails that I didn’t get to yesterday and after reading a quote from someone, that totally changed my mood and my thoughts about what to write about this morning. Today I realized that I still have reasons to believe that America will wake up before we find ourselves in too deep of a mess to get out of. I still have hope that America will rebel against those in our government that are trying to force America to change from capitalism to socialism.

Liberals are always providing ammunition for us conservatives to disagree with them. They do and say things that are not in keeping with the true spirit and meaning of the constitution. I have disagreed with many and defended few in my lifetime, but today, I have to admit, I am going to not only defend one liberal Obama supporter, but actually sing her praises because I honestly think she finally gets it.

The woman I speak of is certainly not Oprah. Oprah is completely absorbed in Obamamania that she will most likely never see the light of day again. I actually placed this woman in the same category as Oprah though. She too is an entertainer and has a large audience watching her weekdays on television. Here is her quote:

"If you are just fed up, at some point, just lean out your window and scream, 'I'm mad as hell,' 'cause that's what's happening to me. I'm losing my mind, because I don't understand why -- like they -- one of the things that I saw recently, they have this whole thing about taxing 'the wealthy.' Okay. Now, I don't mind that. I don't mind paying a little more tax 'cause I make a good living. But I don't want to get it coming and going. I don't want to get the federal raised and then the state raised and then the phone tax raised and then the television tax raised and then the city tax. Back off me!" --entertainer Whoopi Goldberg
There are not too many people outside of Hollywood and Washington DC that are as far or further to the left that Whoopi Goldberg. This woman has said things publicly that has made me want to jump out of my lazy boy and go punch the television screen. Today, she has instilled in me that there yet might be hope that even the left will see what is happening within our government and realize just how wrong their actions are.

The last list I read, there are around 115 different taxes we as employed consumers pay. I don’t even dare to try and list them all. Many of these taxes are on our bills every month. They are hidden in the prices we pay at the pump when we fill up our cars. They are embedded in the prices we pay at the store for goods. In my personal opinion, I think Sean Hannity’s statement that “52% of our income is spent on taxes” is a fair and pretty accurate statement.

Throughout history, the idea of taxing a country in prosperity has never worked. Taxing the rich and redistributing that wealth to the poor has never made a country’s population better off. Even Ted Kennedy once said that socialism has never worked. Of course then he went on to say that the only reason it has never worked is because he wasn’t running things.

I think Whoopi finally gets it. I think even she now realizes that we pay too much in taxes to a government that doesn’t have the first clue as to how to spend it wisely. To have to pay even more taxes even at her level of income is ridiculous and this will solve nothing.

I grew up with the idea that self was number 4 on this list of priorities after God, Family and Country. Even if you don’t believe in God or a higher power, there is still Family & Country that comes before yourself. Those in Washington have forgotten that is it not Government that comes first and certainly not “self” that comes second, yet this is their list of things that are most important.

We need to change this mentality in Washington. I believe that Whoopi even sees that there needs to be an attitude adjustment in the government’s way of thinking. Even leaving God out of the equation, if all the branches of the government at both the state and federal levels put Family & Country first and foremost at the top of their priorities list, we would not find ourselves in the mess are currently in.

Whoopi, today I could kiss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!