Obama Refuses Ownership

Obama Refuses Ownership
By: Kevin Bryant

Just how stupid does Barack Obama & the liberal left think Mainstream America is?

Listening to talk radio shows like Michael Savage, Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh you really get a sense of just how stupid some people really are. Those who actually like and enjoy staying informed know what is going on. Those who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome, those who believe in socialism and more government control and especially those who do not want to know the truth or are simply blinded from the truth when the name “OBAMA” is spoken are really stupid when it comes to government and the issues that affect us today. They say just how great Obama is and we are not giving him a chance. They boast that He is the only one capable of cleaning up the mess left over by the last administration. They claim Obama is the smartest President we have ever had. Obama’s I.Q. is off the chart. On all these talk radio shows, they call in by the thousands and sing “All Praise Be to Obama” but when asked for specifics or facts, they all just resort back to how everything is Bush’s fault.

I will gladly change the wording from STUPID to something a little less offensive if someone could provide me a better word for some of these people. I thought about using the word ignorant, but someone who is ignorant most times has never had the opportunity to learn that particular task or subject or whatever the case may be. Stupid people refuse to learn. I’m starting to believe that the comedian Ron White is correct and “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.

Obama keeps spouting out that he inherited this economy. The 700 billion dollar bank bailout did not happen on his watch. He is not to blame for the lack of oversight, which led to 350 billion not being accounted for. And what do the blind faithful Obama worshippers do, they repeat his mantra word for word simply because they either do not have enough intelligence to know the difference or simply do not wish to know the truth.

Obama, you own this mess more so than your predecessor does. You own it more than congress does. Face the facts BHO and be a man and admit it. Oh wait, you have the media on your side and since they worship the quicksand you walk upon; they will never allow the blame to fall at your feet, Oh Great One. I bet ducks wish that they could shed water as easily as you shed responsibility and accountability.

But you say none of this happened on your watch. You were one of the many in your party who failed to see the housing bubble for what it was. You were receiving six digit campaign contributions from Fannie and standing in the way of anything that resembled oversight or reviewing of lending practices. Since you failed in your responsibility to the American people to act in their best interest, you own part of the housing mess.

Lack of accountability for 350 billion dollars of the bank bailout didn’t happen on my watch. B.O, you are talking like someone full of B.S. You sat at the very table that Bush, Paulson, McCain, Bernanke, Reid and everyone else and you had your chance to object to the way the bill was crafted. You went to the Senate floor and voted for the passage of the bill. It doesn’t matter that you were not yet elected President. You voted for it, you failed to object to any section of it, guess what, you own a big chunk of it.

You say this recession didn’t start with your presidency. No it didn’t. It started when you were a member of the senate majority who failed to investigate or oversee Fannie and Freddie all the while you and your buddies were getting sweetheart loan deals and large chunks of money from them. Not once did you stand up and do the right thing for the American people. No, you sat there and let all this mess happen without uttering a single word.

As the President, you are the head of your party whether you like it not. It doesn’t matter that you let Reid and Pelosi write the stimulus bill, you own it. It doesn’t matter that you were only one of many in congress who voted for and passed the bank bailout bill, you own it. Your massive spending spree more than doubles the national debt. It doesn’t matter if we are in a recession or that there was already a deficit. You added to both therefore you own them.

You ran for office on a campaign that promised change. So far you are living up to it. You have changed the record amounts for spending by one President in their first year in office. We have seen a record decline in the stock market since the day you were elected. We have seen you change from a hard line leftist in the presidential primaries to a centralist politician during the general election to a leftist socialist since taking office. We have seen you say one thing and do another, that’s definitely a change from the last administration. You have promised to raise everyone’s taxes that actually pay taxes. That’s change. The American people have never seen such arrogance from their President before, that’s change. Never before has there been such a push from the White House to seize more power than is allowed by the constitution. That is drastic change.

A socialist leaning, tax and spend happy President who in his first 50 days has failed to live up to one single campaign promise and all out refuses to accept any responsibility or accountability for the failures of bills and measures that he has supported, voted for or had a hand in creating. Guess what? You are the President and by default, you now own all of it.

I’ll cling to my guns and my religion, PLEASE keep your change.