Is accountability a moral issue?

This isn’t a hard question is it? It requires a yes or no answer. If you think that executives from large banks shouldn’t be flying in corporate jets to company business or meetings, then why should public servants?….aka …..Congressional politicians. Why should they be allowed special deals on home mortgages when they rest of us aren’t, except the ones who are least able to afford it?

The people who ran the banks were forced by way of a government rating system instituted by President Jimmy Carter and later reinforced by Bill Clinton to offer loans to people who didn’t have to supply income information, and couldn’t even check their credit rating, and yet we are supposed to believe from our President that it was all George Bush’s fault?

The very SAME Senate and Congressional politicians told us there was no need to panic about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not only still in office, but have made major decisions about TARP , the Stimulus, and now the pork filled Omnibus package. The largest spending packages in history, were issued with not only no spending restraints, but debate on the Congressional floor whatsoever.

The same Congressional members complain about the banks who were about to go belly up, and they saved, are the very same members who have not voted to save a failing Medicare or Social Security System, and yet THEY demand accountability don’t they? They parade CEOs in front of Congressional committees and lambast them in public for the EXACT same things they have done to the American people, and continue to do! Criticism comes easily for Congress, but just question their motives or actions and see what happens.

Barack Obama has claimed how many times that his administration would include no lobbyists, but it does. He claimed he would have total transparency, and it doesn’t. He claimed he would rid Congress of “earmarks”, but not just yet…….He’s promised a 5 day waiting period so the public can examine bills before he signs them, and he failed on the largest single spending bill in history, left us less then a day to study 1100 pages of a bill that admittedly not even Democrats had a chance to read.

Then he presented the public with the Omnibus bill, or as I refer to is as the Ominous Bill. With over 8000 pork barrel projects that have never has as much as a single debate, he still has the nerve to tell us that he is getting rid of pork barrel, you may be able to fool your blind followers Mr. Obama, but you can’t fool the logical thinkers of America. I still want to know how a bill with over 8000 earmarks actually gets rid of earmarks. You certainly don’t need the line item veto to hand the bill back to Congress and tell them to trim the fat!