Democrats, the crack cocaine dealers of the political world

Before you call out the men in the white coats, and have me measured for a straight jacket, let’s explore a few ideas and hopefully a few possible cures.

Democrats have installed many rules and social programs that have not only enabled illegal aliens, but actually encourage them to move to America. The continuance of the status quo will soon swamp our already ailing economy. Starting with the “anchor babies” (children born to illegal aliens who become citizens merely by being born here), the drain to federal, state, and private industry are massive to say the least. Hospitals are failing on a daily basis, forced out of business from social conscience programs that demand them to swallow uncollectable debts from illegal aliens. Border cities and states are the most vulnerable, but the costs of services that are lost aren’t exclusive to those areas.

I make the analogy of the Democrats being crack dealers of the political world because of the social programs. Once an illegal alien comes to our country we give them so many public services to “hook them”, with hopes of eventually turning them to viable voters through legislature. Then once hooked on social programs, they are increased a little at a time until they are totally reliant on the system. This serves only the politician, keeping the voter “down “ so they never truly succeed, but instead become reliant on the programs. We have so many laws on the books that are being side-stepped to enable the Democratic social programs aimed directly aimed to benefit illegal aliens.

A benefit of the downturn in the economy has slowed the influx of illegals into our country, but doesn’t ensure a continued trend. Illegal aliens account for so many areas of increased public funds, such as health care, school services, incarceration costs, etc.

If the federal law that fines the hiring company of an illegal alien $10,000 per occurrence were actually enforced, it would at the very LEAST offset some of the related costs incurred by the social programs offered by the liberal side. The fines would also send a powerful message that America’s open job pool and free social programs has just come to a screeching halt.

Estimates very as to how many illegal aliens inhabit our country, but there is NO question that they receive benefits that they never pay for. There is NO question it creates a drain on an economy that can’t take the strain. With 4.4 million citizens unemployed in our country, who at one time paid their full share of taxes, and a conservative estimate of 20 million illegal aliens who consume $2,700 more per person in services then they produce, the answer seems obvious to most conservatives. Voices on the opposing side will say that our unemployed citizens won’t work for the same wage as illegals, but the cost of hiring an illegal alien isn’t just the money that is given to them for a daily wage.

Will any of this come to pass? I doubt it seriously, because democrats see this as a reasonable cost to assure hooking future voters on the “crack cocaine” of social programs from our government.