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By: Kevin Bryant

“If alls you damn white people wasn’t so racist, Obama would already be the most successful President in history”.

I heard this on the radio the other day, including the “alls you” part. If I were to phone into a radio talk show and say something like this or even just say you need to learn to speak English correctly, I would be afraid that my house would be spray painted with the words “racist” and other derogatory words or burned down or something even worse would happen to me and my family.

43% of white voters voted for Obama and yet all whites racist. 95% of blacks voted for Obama yet whites are the only ones who are racist. Obama also got 67% of the Latino vote, 62% of the Asian vote and 66% of the vote for all other categories including duel or mixed races. Yet only whites can be racist according the Political Correctness Doctrine.

The radio host asked this black gentleman “what about the blacks that didn’t vote for Obama, are they racist”? This guy said “no, they are just a bunch of white wannabees who are trying to fit into the white man’s world”. The host then asked how could it be a white man’s world if the President we just elected was black? The other man said, “only in the white house is it not the white man’s world right now, but it dang sure is everywherez else”.

The First Amendment states that this man has the right to voice his opinion if done so in a lawful manner. No longer can I go to a public place or in a public forum and make these same type comments. Legally, I could be arrested for attempting to cause a riot or causing civil unrest. Why is it legal for blacks to make comments like this in public and not I? Why can gays and lesbians go out and trash conservative Christians and other religions that do not accept their lifestyle and label them as close minded bigots, but the same is not allowed if the rolls were reversed?

Political correctness came about thanks to the teachings of Karl Marx, the father of communism. It was developed into its current state by the Frankfurt School which started in Germany and eventually landed in the New York in 1935 and spread to Hollywood, CA in 41. The teachings of this school contributed to the “Red Scare” of the 50’s and 60’s. It also contributed to the massive spread of liberalism in the New England states and on the west coast. The purpose of this “school” which was really a think tank in the 30’s was to adapt Karl Marx’s communist ideas to match the concepts of a socialist society.

One of the primary ideas to come forth from the Frankfurt School was how to limit free speech. Once you accomplish this feat, according to the schools administration, the conversion to socialism would almost happen automatically. It would require only minimum effort by the government itself since all previous democracies throughout history had imploded upon itself and sought socialism as a means to correct governments own failures.

America is buying into the ideas of limiting free speech by way of political correctness with ever increasing momentum. When the first amendment is finally eradicated, the following amendments will soon follow. The idea of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness will become Life dictated by the state, Liberty granted from the state and Happiness only as the state sanctions.

“It is true that democracy undermines freedom when voters believe they can live off of others' productivity, when they modify the commandment: "Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote." The politics of plunder is no doubt destructive of both morality and the division of labor. But there is no law of historical decline that says that people cannot change their minds”. – Quote by Gary North, from his Paper titled: The Mythical Alexander Tyler and His Theory of Democracy