Demonization is merely a symptom

Demonization is just as symptom of something larger. It’s very much like the acquaintance you have that feels it’s necessary to cut down someone to make him/herself look better, of course that’s only in his or her eyes. Others see this person for what they are, and yet the perpetrator never sees his/her actions as objectionable.

Everything comes in levels, and I’m sure every one of us has seen this behavior. Usually this behavior stems from insecurity. Demonization is something entirely different, it is clearly meant to do damage. We are seeing this behavior from our seated President. He sees ANY critical questions as a personal attack on his being. He does it for reasons we don’t understand, the attacks don’t seem rational, they seem to be taken farther then what seems to be rational.

Many people have the problem President Obama has, and to the typical person he appears to have the “god complex,” or “egotistical” and in many ways they are right. Unfortunately it goes much deeper then that. Many Presidents and powerful people have this problem, and it was usually the cause for their downfall. NPD, known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder is very common, and becoming more common as the generation of the entitled comes into maturity.

Being a Narcissist isn’t being in love with one’s self, as most people think, it is being in love with the image they portray. This image is never realistic, but is how the narcissist thinks of him/herself. No challenge to intelligence/ thought process, or general issues can be passed up, the NPD strikes back with undo ferocity. The thought process becomes tainted, where the “image” is always the most important thing, NOTHING else is important. This grandiose behavior manifests itself in less then 1% of the population. They talk as if they are the only ones who matter, or whose opinion matters, they have a very exaggerated sense of self-importance. They use others and discard them with no feeling, when their purpose is done. The narcissist is a skilled communicator. He uses language as an instrument to obtain Narcissistic Supply or as a weapon to obliterate his "enemies" and discarded sources with.

The NPD sees himself as the center of the universe, and all people and issues revolve around him/her. Unfortunately most NPDs go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. The NPD never sees the problem as his or hers, they always practice “transference” even if they are diagnosed, the treatment is almost never successful, as the ingrained behavior is so cunning and refined at that point, it is mere child’s play to deceive. Nothing is worse than living with an NPD, and until you do it’s hard to judge it’s devastating effect on those around you. It’s not the color of your skin Mr. President it’s the thinnest!

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