On The Other Hand

On The Other Hand
By: Kevin Bryant

I liked George W. Bush’s first 4 years in office. I can’t say much about his second 4 years though. I thought Bill Clinton did a good job overall in 94, 96 & 97 but those were really the only years that he actually listened to and accepted advice from Dick Morris. George H.W. Bush had a good 4 year run except when he compromised with a democratic controlled congress and agreed to raise taxes once and then they used it against him…aka “Read My Lips”. Ronald Reagan stayed consistent in all his years in office.

Though these former Presidents disagreed on how to govern a nation, they did share a common trait. They each laid out before the public their intentions and then set out to accomplish their goals.

Since the early 1900’s we have slowly been pushing the lines of the political spectrum further to the left and towards socialism. We continually move away from small government, less market interference and more liberties and have moved ever so slowly towards large government, more interference with the free market and surrendering more liberties. The right and left of the political spectrum have been moving in unison though there still remains a gap between the two.

As each previous President has laid out their agenda, we have seen the lines shift a little more here and there but with the exception of Reagan those lines have still moved progressively leftward.

President Obama laid out his agenda to the public during the primaries and the general election. During the primaries, he was all for moving the lines farther and faster to the left than any of his predecessors in a single term in office. During the general election, he changed his agenda and let everyone know that he would take a more moderate stance. So, what have we seen in his first 70 days in office?

We have seen corruption, lies, deceit and everything we conservatives have feared since the day he announced this candidacy for the office. He has placed in key positions what has amounted to nothing more than legalized mob bosses to do his dirty work for him all the while he continues to paint himself to the public as the champion of middle class.

While he and his fellow democrats hammered Rush Limbaugh and was calling him the leader of the republican party and praying for Obama to fail, his own party knew that the Chicago Tribune was sitting on a story about how his White House Chief of Staff had been a temporary board member of Freddie Mac and had received over $340,000 from them in only a 4 month period. President Obama knows about the AIG bonuses 3 days before they come to light for the general public and only then does he fake outrage over them while at the same time he orders up another one trillion dollars to be printed and placed in the treasury even though no one is now buying up the U.S. debt.

So far his whole presidency has been nothing but a shell game, doing the rope-a-dope or whatever you wish to call it. He has no problems showing you what his right hand is doing and will even proudly wave it for all to see so long as you do not notice what the left hand is doing at the same time.

How many mainstream news articles have you seen about legislating small farms and individual gardens that we plant every spring. There’s one out there and of course they say that it is not the intention to legislate those things, but the language in this bill to do exactly that. Why should anyone in congress be allowed to tell you what vegetables you can and can’t grow in your back yard? Why does the government need to know what you buy at a farmer’s market and how long after purchase are you planning on consuming that which you purchased. It’s all in the bill.

Another bill no one has heard of surpasses Americorp and lays the foundation for mandatory community service for all teens up to a certain age. Though once again, those of the democratic party that support this bill tell us that it is not the intent to force children into voluntary community service or actions but the language is in there to make it mandatory. Are we living in 2009 America or 1934 Germany? To tell the truth, it’s getting a little harder each day to tell the difference between the two

For every false crisis that has popped up, every manufactured outburst of anger that has been expressed by this administration, there has been a back door deal made or back room operation underway to deflect attention away from himself and what he is doing.

The only thing this administration lacks is a Secretary of Propaganda. Once Obama has that, then his cabinet will be complete.