Sniglets 13-09

Sniglets 13-09

Hillary: Mexico’s problems our fault
Hillary publicly admitted that if there weren’t a demand for drugs in our country there wouldn’t be a drug trade problem. Then went on to say that the US is illegally shipping guns to Mexico and that is our fault too. Not once did she consider that if there weren’t a demand in Mexico for guns then we wouldn’t be shipping them there. The blame rests on both sides here, and denial of that fact doesn’t help the situation one bit. On an update note, it was first claimed by Obama’s Administration that 90% of the weapons being used in the violence in Mexico came from the U.S. Well, it seems they had a little fuzzy math thing going on, the reality was 17%…….but the Propaganda department lives on.

Dodd in more trouble
It has come to light that AIG executives were told that is was heavily suggested that they donate to Senator Dodd’s campaign. Add that fact to the one where his wife worked for a wholly owned subsidiary of AIG’s and you no longer have to question his conflict of interest, it is glaringly obvious. Recent approval polls have Dodd way down, in fact below all of his Republican campaigners for the 2010 election

Reversal of policy
By way of a full-court State Department press to become members of UN Human Rights Council, President Obama has agreed with the UN denouncement of Jewish rights. Just last week, the HRC has put in place anti-Israel resolutions. The Republican Jewish Coalition has said, “President Bush understood that there could be no positive result from American participation in an international body so inherently hostile to Israel and so fundamentally incapable of acting in defense of human rights. That President Obama has chosen to reverse American policy on this question is a blow to the U.S.-Israel relationship and a cause for deep concern among American Jews.”

Replacing the Board of Directors at GM?
Wednesday the Administration voiced its desire to replace the Board of Directors at GM, on the heels of the forced removal of Rick Wagoner, GM’s CEO. If this actually comes to bear, how will any of this differ from what Hugo Chavez did to Exxon in his country to gain control of the oil industry?

Onyango gets to stay
Zeituni Onyango, the Kenyan aunt of President Obama, even though she was denied permission to stay in the US 4 years ago, she got yet another reprieve Thursday by a Boston Judge Leonard I. Shapiro. He has allowed her to stay in this country until January of 2010. She was escorted in and out of the private hearing by a security detail. No wonder we can’t get a birth certificate on her nephew, we can’t even get rid of her!