Obama Indicted under a citizen Grand Jury!

While many groups have sought by civil actions to force Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate, someone new has emerged onto the scene to use another avenue to force that same production.

Georgia resident Carl Swensson, has used his influence by way of his website RiseUpForAmerica.org to advance a criminal complaint against President Barack Obama. Swensson is using the Magna Carta as his basis for the authority to form this citizens grand jury. The Magna Carta is the bill of rights formed on British Law when the US broke away from England.

Over the weekend the 25 sworn Jurors took testimony from many sources, and then filed them this morning with the States Attorney’s Office in Northern Georgia. The jurors were picked, sworn in, and informed of all official procedures.

On Swensson’s website the actions have serious consequences, “"If the government does not amend the error within 40 days after being shown the error, then the four members shall refer the matter to the remainder of the grand jury. The grand jury may distrain and oppress the government in every way in their power, namely, by taking the homes, lands, possessions, and any way else they can until amends shall have been made according to the sole judgment of the grand jury.”

One can only hope that this may be the legal device to force Obama to produce his Birth Certificate and not just a Certificate of Live Birth, to a forensic analysis expert to be checked for validity. All we want is closure on this issue, he is either a naturalized citizen or not, and the actual Birth Certificate is the ONLY proof of that……the proof that Obama will not share with anyone.

All the civil cases that have been denied have been dismissed so far, maybe this is the only avenue left!