Danger Will Robinson

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who do nothing." Albert Einstein

Danger Will Robinson
By: Kevin Bryant

Sometimes don’t you wish you had a friendly robot warning you when danger was near? More often than not, I would say no to this question, but there have been times when ignorance, pride, stupidity, hasty actions or other just plain lack of spur of the moment common sense has caused me to do stupid things that I later came to regret. It’s those times I wish I did have a robot like the one on the TV show and movie “Lost in Space” and would have slapped me up side the head telling me to not do the stupid things I have done in life.

When Al first asked me to try my hand at writing a piece or two for him, I hesitated before responding. I’m no writer, never have been. I’m just a conservative blue collar working guy who has an opinion like most other people in this country. When I did finally tell him I would try it, I figured on two, maybe three short little things I would write just to get them off my chest and then be done with it. Now I feel like part of me is turning liberal because I just can’t seem to shut the heck up……and the other half is energizer bunny because I keep going and going and going….. “Help me….I’ve opened my mouth and I can’t shut up”.

Several months back, before the general election, I wrote a piece suggesting that McCain should pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate. A lot of you thought it was an interesting concept but way to radical of an idea. True, it was a radical thought, but I wonder now if he had picked Hillary, who exactly would be sitting behind the desk in the oval office. If it were McCain behind that desk, would America be in the same shape it is now? Would things be better? Or Worse?

A few months back, I compared Obama’s ego and demeanor to that of Hitler. Both using fear and blame as a means to grab more power unto the office they held. A few commentators have recently done a side by side comparison of Hitler and Obama and the actions they have taken immediately following their election to office. Glen Beck even did a show recently stating that Obama was bypassing European style socialism and possibly leading us to fascism, ala Hugo Chavez style.

With every passing week, Obama’s popularity dips just a little, but this is expected when the shiny newness wears off. But what I do find more interesting is his disapproval numbers. They are going up faster than his approval numbers are falling. Obama is turning out to be one of those people who you love or hate. Those that claim to be undecided moderates when asked to rate Obama’s performance to date are slipping away pretty fast. There seems to be no middle ground with this guy. Obama is the Oakland Raiders or the New York Yankees of the political world. You either love him or hate him, there is no in-between.

If we all had our own personal robots to warn of impending danger, I wonder what the robot would have said just prior to us casting our votes in the 2008 election. I think mine would have been proud of me for NOT voting for Obama.

Normally when I place quotes in something, I work them in somewhere in the body of whatever I am writing or I place it at the end. Until the other day, I had never heard the Albert Einstein quote at the top of the page. It came to me in a joke that was forwarded as part of someone’s email signature. I had received the joke before and with most repeats, I usually just delete them. This one though made me hesitate. Not because of the joke, but because of the quote. I don’t know the person who used it as part of the signature, it just stuck out and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, for two weeks, it just sat in my inbox doing nothing.

Last night during some show, I don’t even remember what it was because my wife was watching it, not me, but I was in the kitchen and heard someone say “speak up” on television. This quote immediately came to mind.

Perhaps it’s time we all not only ask others to speak up but start pushing them to do so. Perhaps it’s time for the elusive “silent majority” to stand up and be noticed publicly. We live in unparalleled times for the United States. As a nation, we are teetering on so many levels: socialism fascism, economic meltdown, loss of liberty, one world currency, unmatched government corruption, 70% tax rates. Pick your own poison. These issues are out there and unless we find a way to progress way beyond the tea parties that are planned for April 15th and do it quickly, there is no telling what dangers our congress and our President will further expose us to.

They aren’t listening to us. Part of the reason is that we are not forcing them to. Nancy Pelosi stated right after the 2006 elections that America voted for change and that is what we are going to deliver or something like that. Obama paraded himself around as change we can believe in. Well, Nancy was right….we got change and Obama’s change we can believe in was right as well. I definitely believe we have changed as a nation. I think not one damn bit of that change has for the better. I didn’t vote for this type of change. I would wager than that a majority of Americans didn’t vote for this type of change either.

I don’t believe myself to be an evil person and with the exception of two individuals on this planet, I wouldn’t wish harm unto anyone. No, those two individuals do not include Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Murtha or even my ex wife. But, other than my ex wife, if any were to parish as a result of a stroke, heart attack, plane crash or other non deliberate act, I wouldn’t be sad, nor would I rejoice. I would just call it divine intervention and move on with my life. And I would probably finally give Reverend Wright his due and agree that finally, America’s chickens have indeed come home to roost.

Side note: If my ex wife were to meet one of these fates, I would be sad for my kids. Perhaps a little for myself since we were married for almost 18 years.

E. B. White - "Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one."