Martin what are you thinking?

Just in case you think Governor Martin O’Malley has his finger on the pulse of Maryland, let’s just review the last week in Maryland news. Martin thinks that because Michelle Obama planted a garden, that his wife Katie needs to do the same thing. Of course you call it “Eat it, grow it,” and Michelle calls it “you voted for it, now you suffer from it,” the idea is the same. We reap what we sow…..

We see that the Governor has enough money to spend on the purchase of “water front property” on the bay, and then institute a “Maryland Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights,” along with his nemisis School Superintendent Nancy Grasmick, how excited she must have been. It’s not as if the indoor bill of rights wasn’t good enough, but now Governor O’Malley sees this as an opportunity to fill young impressionable minds with his totally unobtainable environmental policy of a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020. He calls this fiasco the “The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2009,” and hasn’t claimed once how he hopes to accomplish this lofty goal that NO country has been able to do. I suppose if you show these kids Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” enough times even they would believe it……..I thought we claimed that torture wasn’t happening in the U.S.

Martin saw fit after elected Governor to basically bail out on Baltimore, as he dropped his once rabid tirade against BGE/ Constellation Energy, and let the citizens fend for themselves. Obviously he bailed out on Sheila Dixon because after her indictment he has been curiously silent, even though she was his protégé. Along with his support for her, went the concern about crime in Baltimore, as the city he once represented made national history this week as #10 on list as the countries deadliest cities.

It is comforting however that Governor O’Malley hasn’t given up his weekend job, because surely he will need something to fall back on when his political career falls into the flusher as the Governor stopped by Coffey Music and strummed a few tunes in Westminster, MD.

On a few notes this week, we have noticed that the Governor has held the tuition on state colleges for the fourth year in a row, and yet he, as usual has sacrificed the primary education in the budget. I have two questions for the governor in question, did we get back the 11 million dollars from the Obama coronation, and have you now given up the 2 million dollar donation to Casa de Maryland, because you couldn’t any longer claim to be a sanctuary state to illegal aliens after the law change over licenses?