Highway To Hell

Highway To Hell
By: Kevin Bryant

I spent the last week or so planning on write about this or that and would have it pretty much formulated in head when out of the blue, something else would come up that would make me just a little more angry than the last thing that ticked me off. Going on 7 straight months now, the things that have been taking place in D.C. has been driving this conservative closer and closer to the edge of political sanity.

Right now, I would love to be in front of a joint session of congress and have Obama and Biden there and have all of them address the following questions:”

1) What happened to the Constitution? Does it no longer apply?
2) Since when did states start having their rights granted to them by the Federal Government?
3) The power of the Federal Government is given by the people. What gives you the right to strip power from the people?
4) Given this body’s approval ratings, why did not of you vote against receiving a pay raise for the past two years?
5) Would you not agree that a 13% approval rating indicates that none of you are in touch with Main Street America? Or do you just not care what America thinks?
6) Why don’t you restructure your own raises, salary and retirements so that they are in line with other civil servants such as firemen and police officers?
7) No one in the current administration can seem to pay the correct amount of taxes, why should we?
8) Since when does a sitting or past President for that matter such as our current President has, and go before foreign leaders and badmouth past administrations and the United States as a whole? Or show such weakness while commanding the most powerful military ever assembled throughout history?
9) This room is full of failures. Each of you failed your constituents and your country. Who are you to decide in a capitalist society what or who is “too big to fail”?
10) You all took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Why should we as a nation not consider you all as traitors?

I have absolutely no faith or hope left in me that this administration or this congress will do anything other than continue to speed up the journey on this highway to hell that they have put us on.

Personal note:

I feel like I am losing my objectivity, therefore I am going to take a break from writing for a while. I appreciate all the great comments & support I have received over the past year. Al’s readers are among the smartest, brightest and most knowledgeable individuals I have ever seen when it comes to keeping up with what is going on in this great country of ours. Continue to pray for our country and for each other. - Kevin