Kevin Bryant

GOOD MORNING NORTH KOREA……….oh wait, this is America. Doesn’t matter which one we actually are because they are starting to look more and more alike. Our Dear Leader Kim Jong Obama is extremely delighted that the citizens of the People’s Republic of America have taken to heart his vision of a “Transformed America”.

Dear Leader is proud to see that almost all references of the Winter Holidays are referred to in its properly and politically correct term instead of using that awful term “Christmas” which excludes everyone from joining in on the celebrations except those hate mongering Christians. So proud is he that in the coming days, he will order the removal and re-education of all those who oppose his vision.

OK, so maybe it’s not fair to compare President Obama with Kim Jong-Il. One wants nuclear power and weapons and the other wants to rid the country of all nuclear plants and weapons. One is a pretty good basketball player and the other is sort of shaped like a basketball. One craves more power over the people of their country and the other has all power over the people of their country. One holds true to the traditional ways of their country and the other hates tradition.

America is not yet 250 years old and already our traditional ways and values are being assaulted every day by the ACLU, the media, special interest groups, and scores of others. Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor still holds true in America but come to this country legally, otherwise deport them.

Less than 50 years ago terms like Winter Holidays and Winter Festivals were not in existence as far as replacing the word Christmas. 50 years ago, no hate crime laws existed because everyone received equal treatment under the law. 50 years ago, there was no debate about the constitution being a living document.

Politicians want to sit down and tell you about they want to bring back traditional and family values yet they are the same ones who enacted laws that helped to destroy traditional and family values. They want to tell you about how they plan to restore the more simple times that our grandparents enjoyed while adding additional taxes on us and taking away more of the choices we should be making for ourselves.

Traditions are disappearing left and right in this country. I saw on the television the other night that kids are not allowed celebrate Halloween in some of our public schools anymore. Going forward, it shall now be known as Fall Festival. Could someone please tell me why? Who in God’s creation does the term Halloween offend? Are we afraid that we will offend the witches or perhaps the goblins? It’s those damn mummies we are offending isn’t it. I knew this would happen when they unionized and were incorporated into SEIU.

The public use of the term Christmas is going away rapidly. Halloween is now under assault. What’s next, a single child has a nightmare about being attacked by the Easter Bunny and congress declares war on colored eggs?

What happened to my right to hold on to my traditions and beliefs? What happened to my right to express them publicly? In a couple of days from now you can bet your butts that when some kid comes to my door and says “Trick or Treat”, I’m not going to send him away with a “Happy Fall Festival”. Bull…….It’s called HALLOWEEN and it happens to be a tradition in this country that I rather enjoy. I enjoy it so much in its traditional sense that there is not one thing in or around my house that smiles. Not my witch, my grim reaper, my dead crypt keeper, my skeletons, bats, rats, spiders …..nothing smiles.

Come Christmas, I too use the traditional approach. Things in my yard say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. A 6 foot Santa and two 5 foot penguins are in my yard. A cross is displayed in the window. Sorry all you die hard liberals out there….no Happy Winter Holidays displayed at my house.

No wonder family values are declining, morals are declining, laws no longer are being made out of necessity or overall welfare for public as a whole. Hell, if we can’t keep our own holiday traditions actually traditional, how can we expect to keep America the Land of the Free.