Soldiers of Fortune take over a town?

American Police Force logo

A private company known as “American Police Force” has taken over a small town in Montana under obvious federal intervention of the Department of Homeland Security. Imagine the surprise of local town residents when the blacked-out windowed Mercedes Benz SUV roared into town displaying insignias declaring “Hardin Police”, when the small town has no police department at all!

It started as a take- over of the local jail in preparations to transfer detainees from Gitmo, and has now transformed into something quite different. According to one town citizen, “One of the managers at a local business in Hardin was visited by this new private security force which is now the new Hardin Police Department. He is an avid hunter and they came to inform him that they had a list of all fire arms that he owned; this includes all the residents of our town, and that he would need to take his guns down to have them put a marking device on them.”

According to citizens and local news sources the whole town is being harassed, now the bigger question is…is this just a bunch of rogue subcontractors out of control, or are they acting purely on an agenda from the federal level? Before Obama was elected he spoke of a “civilian force,” is this what he was talking about?

This is way too bizarre to be made up; obviously someone pays a subcontractor, so all that needs to be done is track that source, because the source holds the ultimate liability!

Please feel free to view all the sources for this article, they are massive!

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