Attacks and violations of decorum

At the end of last week, the Obama Administration launched an attack on Fox News, by name. They feel that they are being treated rather roughly by Fox and so they have put all the pitbulls in the White House at their disposal.

To begin with, the Pew Foundation did an investigation that clearly showed that Fox’s claims of being “fair and balanced,” are more true than ANY other news organization, cable or otherwise. With that being said, and the clear path that Obama has taken, starting in his campaign, urging his followers to “jump into your neighbors face,” to get them to vote for Obama. This was by far the most aggressive statement ever made by a candidate for President to date. Now he wants to sinlence dissent.

From his inauguration to now, President Obama has a very clear record of lying. I did an article about this just last week, and to be very honest it was a very incomplete record only encompassing 158 of the earliest lies. With such a clear record of lies, and even the Congressional Budget Office saying that what Obama is saying isn’t the truth, why exactly should we believe him?

This aggressive behavior is even shown here! If I write an article on the Examiner that some left wing follower doesn’t like, I personally get attacked, as well as the people who believe the same things I do if they comment in support. There is a way to comment without being aggressive, and to be honest, if that “decorum” isn’t followed in the future on my articles, I will remove them.

This isn’t a 1st Amendment violation, this is a civil violation. I am tired of personal threats, personal attacks on me, and personal attacks on my loyal readers, and yes, I talk to most of them on a weekly basis, so when a left winger attacks them they are attacking me too, because they are not only readers, they are friends.

So often I sit here and just watch while less than a handful of left wingers bash and fight my loyal readers in an aggressive manner. This will stop I can promise you. You can all agree to disagree, and that is the preferred way to civilly handle the situation. To do what the Obama Administration sees as an accepted way to do battle, will not wash with me. If you want to act aggressively, go comment on your buddies articles under the liberal banner. I don’t troll on liberal’s articles, and I don’t expect them to troll on my articles.

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