All for One, One For None

All for One, One For None
Kevin Bryant

Many types of cancer are curable if detected early. Two ways of treating cancer is with radiation or cutting it out. I doubt that anyone would disagree with me calling Washington DC “America’s Cancer”. Since we can’t nuke it, perhaps we should cut it out.

Cancer occurs when the cells start mutating and no longer do the jobs they were intended to do. Washington DC has mutated and no longer doing the job it was intended to do. The cells in our bodies, like in all forms of life work together to give us what we need to sustain that life. When enough of the cells die, we die or become limited in some or all of our capacities. Does this sound like what Washington DC is doing to us? Those serving in the higher positions of the federal government could care less about this country. We support them with out taxes yet they do not believe that they should answer to us. We support them, they support only themselves.

I think it’s time to cut the cancer out of America. Think about this for a moment. The District of Columbia is not its own state. In truth, it is nothing but a place that sucks up cash from its host kind of like a mosquito sucks up blood. The only difference between the two is we can kill a mosquito.

In truth, our constitution says we can kill off Washington DC as well. It would be a miracle if it were to happen because it would take a 2/3’s majority of the nation’s governors to call for and support a constitutional convention. Insert new amendments that further restrict the federal government as it was intended to be and be able to institute recall powers of all elected federal officials. Wishful thinking I know but miracles have happened before.

This nation was founded because of the way we were being treated by England. We now have our government that treats its citizens worse that an alcoholic treats a stepchild. 2/3’s is all it takes and they can decide to eliminate everyone in congress, temporarily appoint their own replacements until elections can be held and we as a nation can start all over again and get back the republic that we once were.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of supporting Washington, DC with my tax dollars and getting noting but screwed by them in return without so much as a kiss.