Message to the Liar in Chief: You can’t have it both ways!

The administration prompted by Al Gore, and John Kerry think they have a lock on what’s happening on the “global whatever” front. I say, whatever, because they can’t make up their collective minds. They have made prognostications on the climate of the earth based on flawed data for the last 20 years, and depending on what the latest computer model says, they have pushed a political agenda.

Let’s look at the “global warming” scare as covered by everyone for the last 20 yrs. The very first Earth Day it was prophesied that the climate was cooling, and it was caused by man-made CO2 production. When it was discovered that the trend wasn’t cooling but in actuality, warming, they decided to blame the newest trend of warming. Well they ran more computer models, none of which came to fruition.

They were not satisfied because their premonitions didn’t come true! Now they claim that where ever the climate goes, it’s the fault of humans (climate change.) Mr. President you can’t have it both ways, claim warming, claim cooling, but you can’t claim everything!

They claim that everything happens because of human life, disease, economic downturns, natural disasters, everything!

Let’s get real here, although Al Gore claims all this stuff, and the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) says something, please note that the panel includes the word Intergovernmental, it doesn’t mean it’s true according to scientific fact. The word Intergovernmental means it has to do with governments……..POLITICAL! The reports from the supposed un-biased panel are actually subject to modification or editing if the desired reports don’t conform to the general consciences of what they wish to push.

The courts of England have upheld a ruling that Al Gore’s film had 9 lies in it. Yet in our country, no such declaration exists, thusly Gore gets away with his wild and unsubstantiated claims, and the Administration gets the same kind of special pass.

The lies were present in the Clinton Administration, as the Kyoto Protocol was signed by then President Clinton, but the Congress told him that they would never ratify it, because of its World Governance wording. Today’s Copenhagen agreement will be no different about the World Governance issue, but the progressive liberals think this is a good idea, as shown in evidence by John Kerry.

As it stands two of the largest countries in the world refuse to sign the Copenhagen Agreement, China and India, and they are the world’s largest polluters. If they take no responsibility in the pollution of the world, then why should the civilized nations?

Contact your Congressmen and Senators, and tell them that the Cap and Trade bill in our country, and the Copenhagen Agreement, is just too expensive, and unless the whole world is willing to participate, it will do nothing to curb global pollution!

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