More victims of poor policies

The very policies of the Obama Administration meant to improve unemployment have had exactly the opposite and adverse effect. Inner city working poor, minority workers, and the youth of our country, are suffering, disproportionately at the hands of the Obama Administration.

The Department of Labor Statistics has announced that our youth, ages 16 to 24, is suffering the worst unemployment since post WWII. The unemployment rate is 53.4%, dipping for the first time below 50%. The nation figures for black and minority workers are usually double the rate for white workers. Ironically the very policies instituted to help these groups of young, minority workers, has backfired on the Administration. The overwhelming groups that put Barack Obama in the Presidential office, are the one suffering most from his policies. The programs that were intended to help targeted groups of people to retain and keep jobs, has had a detrimental effect.

A governmental group study by the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, sites, the damage to a new career by a recession can last 15 years. The snowball effect off young Americans who are not working and becoming productive members of society, can be catastrophic, they are less likely to make major purchases, thus putting the US economy further behind.

Al Angrisani, the former assistant Labor Department secretary under President Reagan, doesn’t see any short term improvement in the situation, "There is no assistance provided for the development of job growth through small businesses, which create 70 percent of the jobs in the country. All those [unemployed young people] should be getting hired by small businesses." He went on to say that this problem lies entirely with Obama’s policies.

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