Social Engineering 101

Social Engineering 101
Kevin Bryant

California says no more home schooling because it’s not healthy for the kids even though children that are home schooled have higher test scores averages in every state. Washington DC says no more school vouchers. So instead of spending $7000 on a child to go to a private or charter school, they now spend over $13,000 to send them to public school where again, the test grades are lower.

No more prayer in school or saying the pledge of allegiance or heaven forbid, the Boy Scouts hold a meeting at your neighborhood public school but it’s perfectly acceptable to have children dress up and learn Muslim cultures and celebrate Muslim holidays.

Most educated adults know that so called global warming is a farce. It has been proven to be based on junk science by more than 3000 expert scientists. Al Gore and the left are now going after public school children and indoctrinating them to the horrors of what is going to happen to our planet and telling them this is fact when in reality it’s not even good science fiction.

Public school systems today aren’t anything like the schools that I attended when I was growing up. It certainly isn’t the same type of schools my parents attended. Political, Biblical and Social theories were all allowed to be opening discussed and opinions of all sides were welcomed so long as they were not presented in a vulgar manner. Family values and the positive impact of having both a mother and father married and living in the same household was discussed and studied.

Public education today is more about social engineering than it is reading, writing and arithmetic. Little Johnny, don’t you dare bring a 2 inch tall plastic army man to school to play with or we will expel you, but here is a condom and we will show you how to properly put it on. Susan, you can’t wear a necklace that has a cross on it to school, but here, wear this GLAD rainbow necklace to show your support for gays and lesbians. Sorry Mom & Dad, your little first grader can’t give out Valentine’s Day cards because it could be considered sexual harassment and certainly under no circumstances can your child bring a Holiday Season card with the word “Christmas” on it.

Isn’t just so comforting knowing that our public education system is spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually teaching our children political correctness and diversity? What they are doing is teaching our kids to trust in and not question the government because they know what is best.

Public schools and the IRS are among the most powerful agencies in the United States. The IRS can seize assets without a court order and public schools can interrogate or indoctrinate children for as long as they want to without having to notify the parents. Schools can turn your child over to child protective services and the first you will hear about is when a county nazi …..I mean “social worker” comes knocking on your door with a police escort. To make matters worse, they are two of only three government agencies where you are guilty of crimes until proven innocent, with the military being the third. For the record, I support the military whole heartedly, but in this circumstance, I speak from experience.

Parents, get involved with what your kids are learning in school. Teach them to research subjects and formulate opinions based on facts. Let them know that 60% of the teachers and administrators out there are good people who really do care about their well being but the other 40% only care about their paychecks. My kids were brought up to respect adults and other kids. They were taken to church regularly for several years. They were taught to give their opinions on lots of different matters and respect others opinions when they differ from your own and they were taught “because my teacher said so” was an unacceptable answer when stating how or what they based their opinions on.