Sniglets 18-09

Sniglets 18-09

Last week the CIA had two closed-door sessions about how the moral was at an all time low. After the Obama Administration unwrapped the classified torture memos, it’s no wonder the CIA has questions about if the Administration backs them or not. The Administration has warned that they will reveal pictures of the abuse from the Iraq jails within the next two weeks. One has to wonder what is the purpose of this new opening of new classified documents? Is this nothing more then a fueling of the leftist fire? Is it a wonder that the CIA recruitment and moral is at an all time low? Why should CIA operatives have to buy liability insurance because their employers won’t stand by them?

Mainstream being bashed
Even though Miss California, Carrie Prejean only gave her personal opinion on gay marriage, the gay contingent on the heels of Perez Hilton, obviously bashed and berated her for her opinion. The latest disgusting treatment of Carrie Prejean has come from the feminist activist and blogger Gloria Feldt, who said, “She (Carrie Prejean) should get a heart transplant rather then a breast implant.” It seems that all people that commented against her should realize that her comments are from the MAJORITY of America, and not from the minority.

The dictionary defines “invest” as committing money for a financial return. Barack Obama obviously never looked that word up, because he uses that word to describe governmental spending, which will never see a financial return. He uses “invest” and “investment” rather freely lately to describe a dismal situation, rather then the word he should be using……deficit spending, but you just keep making up meanings there Barack, the ignorant seem to believe you.

Wow, more threat accusations
An Israeli official has accused White Houser Rahm Emanuel of threatening to ignore the Iranian threat to Israel if they don’t make concessions to the Palestinians. The White House position was to deny that one issue had nothing to do with the other. This issue has come to light just as Shimon Peres is to make a visit to Washington. My question would be……why would the White House Chief of Staff be talking to anyone about foreign affairs?

Here is your chance!
To tell your representatives what you really think about them. A new website gives you, as a voter the ability to give your representative a grade, based on YOUR beliefs. Grade your government Go check out the grades they have already and add your own!

No pictures, no report
The White House has said they will not publish pictures of the Air Force One fly over of Ground Zero in NY City. Not only will they not share pictures from that stunt, they will not share any results from the investigation. It’s funny how when information shows the present administration in a bad light, nothing gets released, and yet it seems to be a weekly occurrence that Obama seeks to give Bush a black eye constantly by releasing classified CIA documents. Update, Fox News has petitioned under the Freedom of Information Act, for the pictures, and has been promised them.

U.S.S. Freedom
A Navy ship has been recently commissioned to combat the pirates off Somalia. This $600 million dollar launching pad for a very diverse group of attack possibilities will be tried out on the pirates. The Navy feels the speed of this ship will enable them to cover much larger areas, and therefore give better protection. Personally I think the major cruise lines should offer a “Somolian Skinny Game Hunt Cruise,” offering the big game hunter an opportunity to fire his or her hi-powered rifle at leaky pirate boats while sipping drinks with tiny umbrellas on the sun deck……..but what do I know?

Millions on a no bid basis
Rep. John (all marines are child killers) Murtha’s nephew, Robert C Murtha has reportedly received millions in no bid government contracts. Just last year he received 4 million in defense contracts from the Pentagon. He reports that his company Murtech has had no benefit from his Uncle’s political position. Surprisingly the facility in Glen Burnie, MD has very little movement and all the shades seem to be drawn tight.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is a liar?
Thursday the government released classified documents that Nancy Pelosi was present with Porter Goss when enhanced interrogation techniques were discussed AFTER they were used. This was a direct contradiction of her testimony earlier when she denied she was present at any briefing involving enhanced interrogation techniques after the fact. She lied period!…..deny it now left coast girl!

Fannie Mae wants another $19 billion
Where is Barney Frank’s loud mouth now? Fannie Mae has requested another $19 billion over a first quarter loss of $23.2 billion dollars. The request was made by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which has been Fannie's conservator since the government took over the troubled firm in September. Where is the outrage from Barney Frank? The bonuses paid to Fannie and Freddie exceeded those of AIG, but Frank wanted to hang the AIG execs heads on a stick, but now with this new announcement he is mysteriously silent.