Sniglets 17-09

Sniglets 17-09

Swine Flu
Is it just me, or why is the Obama Administration parading every Department he can to have a news conference on the Mexican Swine Flu? Is this yet another case of “let’s not waste a good crisis?” Is it because Obama can’t get his HHS candidate confirmed, or is it an omen of something bigger? They spent close to an hour talking about a flu that has yet to kill any American citizen, when 36,000 people die each year from the ordinary flu. Robert Gibbs and Janet Napolitano serve to calm no fears, and only serve to show the incompetence of the Obama Administration.

The “Torture Memos”
The Democrats should be careful of what they wish for. Talking heads from the congress have been making noises about opening investigations on the classified memos that Barack Obama decided to open to the public. President Obama first said after he exposed the memos to the public he didn’t want to prosecute anyone who did waterboarding. Unfortunately he didn’t send THAT memo to Pat Leahy who has voiced his determination to prosecute operatives who did the aggressive interrogations. Leahy should “fish” gingerly, after his embarrassing interrogation of Col. Oliver North in the Iran Contra Affair.

Pakistan rather than Afghanistan
More proof this week of my past claims that the war should be in Pakistan instead of Afghanistan, as the Taliban is threatening to take control of the nuclear weapons that Pakistan possesses. The Pakistan President even claimed this week that he didn’t consider that Osama Bin Laden to even be alive, but the threat of his followers are very much alive.

New York Mayor Bloomberg referred to the Air Force One fly over the World Trade Center Area and the Statue of Liberty as “Insensitive.” President Obama has called it a “$300,000 mistake”, and Press Secretary Gibbs has said… um, I don’t uh, nobody told me, um, I’ll have to check on this, um. This has to be one of the most idiotic things from the Obama Administration yet. I suppose we are to believe that the President knew nothing of this. The strangest part is the master mind of this fiasco, Louis Caldera had planned a similar fly over in Washington the following week! Obama has said he needs to confer with White House lawyers before he could release any transcripts of an investigation on this situation, and yet he never worried about that before releasing President Bush’s “memos on torture.”

Jimmy Carter on Stupidity
Past President Jimmy (I have dementia) Carter, has professed his love for fire arms, telling how many he has, and then announcing that anyone who owns an assault rifle (a semi-automatic) is a person that wants to kill cops and/or a large amount of people. I have news for you Jimmy boy, your ideas and blessings on unconstitutional policies are outdated and offensive.

This Experiment
This week during a speech to The National Academy of Sciences, President Obama as usual found himself lost after a teleprompter error. He bobbled, as he struggled to recover, but finally made an interesting statement. He called America “this experiment.” An interesting question to our President, could have been, …. “do you see our country as still too new to have a solid basis that we can now be considered a world power?” Or does he see our country as an experiment, that he can still micro manage, and change and bend to his will?