Climate Change Is Real

Climate Change Is Real
Kevin Bryant

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, almost every democratic candidates stated that it was”not only our right to question our government, it is our patriotic duty to do so” or something similar. Now if someone dare question this administration or this congress for its actions or inactions, that person is labeled an obstructionist, angry right winger, bigot, tea-bagger, redneck, and those are just the nicer words used.

This used to be a country of free speech, a country where every opinion was welcomed and encouraged. Now what are we, a nation that punishes people because they hold views that might not be politically correct such as Miss California’s belief in traditional marriage and faith? If you are a conservative talk radio or television host on anything other than NPR, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and to some extent ABC, then you are guilty of promoting hate speech and racial divisions and yet it is the liberal left that has for years silenced opposition and kept the country divided along lines of race and economics.

Murderers, terrorist, felons, mafia members and just about every representative of every culture in the world is allowed to freely enter Great Britain, but Michael Weiner (Michael Savage) is banned from entering that country because according to their government, he promotes hate speech. What is he guilty of, not being aired on NPR? I never knew that was such an horrific crime.

Congress now is pushing a tougher hate crimes bill. News flash people, anyone can commit a hate crime, and the constitution says that all citizens are equally protected under the law. In this new bill, if a gay individual attempts to pick pocket me and I turn around and slug this person, I can be charged with a hate crime. If I attempt to pick pocket a gay individual and they hit me, they are exempted from committing a crime because they were just defending their property. Is that equal protection? I don’t think so. What happens if the gay person is black and the pick pocket is Mexican? My guess would be since neither is a white heterosexual Christian, no hate crime has been committed.

It used to be that those who knew about crimes and did not report them could be charged with obstruction of justice and in some instances they will be today. What if a major city’s administration, like San Francisco, knows it is harboring a felon that is in this country illegally; think anyone would be charged with obstruction of justice? I don’t think so since it happens all the time.

Climate change is real and it is rapidly happening. It’s just not the climate change that Al Gore, the left and the enviro-wackos are telling us. The political climate has been changing in this country since the 1920’s but at no time in our history has it been changing faster than it has over the 15 years. Since the day Bill Clinton took office to George W. Bush’s last day, the political climate has steadily been progressing further left but since the day Obama took the helm, political climate change has accelerated at such an alarming pace that it is virtually impossible to keep up with.

A majority of the world’s population used to envy the United States and marvel at our freedoms, our liberties and the manner in which our economy was based. Now even the French sit there dumbfounded at the way we have allowed our country to deteriorate. I think the French has a right to be because I don’t understand it myself.