Sniglets 21-09

Sniglets 21-09
Barney Frank
Barney Frank and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota), are having an ongoing battle about changing a bill to removing funding to organizations found guilty or indicted on voting fraud charges. Barney Frank a rabid supporter of ACORN, has refused to add the wording that Bachmann supports. Bachmann reports that if her wording is not enacted, ACORN has the ability to siphon off $8 million in 2010 to add to the $53 million they have gotten since the 1990’s.

Gitmo funding
Congress is FINALLY working on something in a bi-partisan effort. They have so far refused to fund the closing of Gitmo, until the Administration comes up with a plan of where to put the detainees, and how a “release” be handled. Democrats and Republicans alike are afraid of the fallout in their home states of how this will play out.

Financial recovery numbers
Big surprise about the optimistic numbers being shot down, now the Administration has to accept the real numbers, rather than the ones they have been feeding us. The unemployment has continued to increase, and Obama keeps telling citizens that it’s “getting better,” when in fact it isn’t. He banks on a sustained market recovery, but in fact that is only PART of a financial recovery, and even that area wavers on falling from the 8000 mark. We are a long way from recovery Mr.President.

Steele: Nobody understands him
The left MSM his chosen to criticize Michael Steele’s speech the other day by accusing him of either gay bashing, or making fun of Barney Frank’s speech impediment. They are really grasping at straws here, I could care less that he is gay, or that he talks with a lisp, the point is, I don’t understand him either. My basis, as I’m sure what Steele was talking about, is that ethically and based on his past involvements in the banking scandal, and his reversals on the need for regulations, has nothing to do with personal traits, it has to do with the way he does his political business.