The Hope, The Change, The Messiah

The Hope, The Change, The Messiah
By: Kevin Bryant

Today is January 20, 2009. This is a great day in American history. For no time before in American history have we ever progressed beyond having a President until today. For today we not only swear in the 44th President of the United States, but we also swear in the first Messiah of the United States. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the anointed one officially becomes the leader of the free world today.

From the time of his probable Kenyan birth, through his Muslim upbringing in Indonesia, Barack Hussein Obama has dreamed and prepared himself to take his rightful fraudulently gained place in the Oval Office. He has risen above the corrupt Chicago politics that spawned him. He has risen above the shady deals he has made and left the shady characters of his past behind.

He comes forth now in our hour of need. The people have rejoiced continually in the advance of the anointed one knowing that he can and he will bring forth and foster Hope for Change. Yes, the masses shout loudly that they hope that they will again be able to fill their gas tanks and hope to not pay taxes. They hope for more government welfare and less personal accountability. They hope for homes and cars they do not have to pay for themselves but instead let the “rich” pay for it. They hope for equal pay but not the responsibility or even the education or experience that goes along with it.

These people line up to worship at the Alter of Obama yet they know nothing about the man they are worshipping. They are just following the instructions that mainstream media is giving them and they blindly follow. He will heal the sick and make the poor rich. I personally would love to be a guest healer at the Alter of Obama because instead of lightly pressing my hand to their foreheads and telling they are cured and to go forth, I would slap the “holy” crap out of them and attempt to bring them back to reality.

The world has not bore witness to such a mass blind faith following since the 1930’s when a man named Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany. Hitler’s power was given to him by the people in hopes that he could restore their economy and bring them once again to world prominence. Once that power was ascertained and absolute, he fulfilled their hopes of greatness and then proceeded to destroy their nation. I for one do not believe that Obama would lead us into another world war, but he does possess the ability to give great speeches as Hitler did. He has the ability to captivate his audience as Hitler did. He has all the arrogance and self worth of Hitler and like Hitler, sees himself as absolute.

Hitler was not born in Germany but in Austria. Obama, it is not clear where he was born but my money is on Kenya. Hitler rose to prominence through corrupt politics. Obama rose to power through corrupt politics. Hitler laid the failures of the current government on an economy that was driven by capitalist who were mainly of Jewish decent. Obama lays blame of the current economy on Bush tax cuts and what he calls a failed administration and an unjust war.

Obama speaks of a middle class that has shrunk under a Bush administration. He envisions seeing a middle class grow and prosper. The middle class did shrink under the Bush administration. What he fails to tell you is that the reason the middle class shrunk is because many who left the ranks of the middle class grew financially and no longer fell into “middle class” tax brackets. They are now in the upper tiers of the tax brackets and pay a larger portion of the tax burden. In contrast though, the lower class decreased but not at quite the same rate, but do you think Obama or mainstream media told anyone that?

The left has been blaming everything on Bush and a failed administration, while accepting none of the responsibility for anything themselves, even though democrats have controlled congress since Jan 07, 2007, long before the current economic meltdown started.

No need to worry though….the Messiah is here and he will lead us into the promised land………….MAYBE.