In my face….

In my face….
By Al Ritter

I went to dinner with a friend for our weekly get together, after hiding like a troll under a bridge all day to avoid the media frenzy known as the Presidential Inauguration. I was greeted by a barmaid brandishing her Obama button, and not one but three 51” flat screens all tuned to the coronation ceremonies.

This was well after the actual, about 6PM to be exact. I wanted to escape to have dinner with a friend, not to be assaulted by the very thing that I had avoided all day. I asked her why we had to watch this, and she told me that she was totally exhilarated by Obama’s election. I think she made the mistake of assuming that I shared the same enthusiasm.

She went out of her way to ask me why I wasn’t excited. I held my urge to totally lambast her, turning the question back at her, and asked…”tell me why this man deserves to be President based on his past leadership qualities.” She replied by the typical robotic response of the democratic party……CHANGE!

The reply was not an answer to the question, but typical of the uninformed, and uneducated voting public. Upon further questioning, it was clear she doesn’t even understand the basics of Barack's historical background, and I seriously doubt she would even know answers to basic civics questions taught in High School, but then she isn’t from my era, so what she had been taught could be held in question.

Now understand, when I entered the room I made no display of party affiliation, nor spoke of it. What really eats at me is the typical democratic voter, seems to be devoid of the feelings that not everyone shares the enthusiasm, of the Obama flock. They seem to think that the words “HOPE” and “CHANGE” are the very things that qualify Obama for sainthood. They refuse to believe that there are 60 million Americans who don’t accept or welcome the liberal/socialist agenda of the democratic party.

Well, I have news for the confused barmaid “April”; Obama’s honeymoon will be over soon. His speeches will no longer matter; he will be judged by his actions, not his rhetoric. His success or failure will be judged by the congresses actions. The president can only do so much by executive order; the rest will be accomplished by congress. Barack will soon understand how tied his hands will become, his naiveté will vanish, and his boldness will hopefully transfer into sensibility. I’m sure the term…”we are still working on the problems of the last presidency,” will be the war cry for some time, but eventually he will be forced to accept that the destiny of our country rests entirely in his hands. Then and only then will America begin to understand what wrath they have brought upon themselves.