Sniglets 04-09

Sniglets 04-09

Conflict of interest?
It has come to light that shortly before the inauguration, then Senators Obama and Biden
Met with 8 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices, on an invitation from Justice Roberts. With 18 cases resting before their court involving Barack Obama, how can this not be viewed as a conflict of interest? Better still, the court’s role is that of a judiciary body. What could the meeting have been about, if not for Obama’s advocacy to turn them into a policy making group?

Snubbing the war heroes
It appears President Obama has set his priorities when he chose to not attend the Ball for American War Heroes, these are recipients of the Purple Heart, ones who were injured in the line of duty, and for the first time in 56 inaugurations the president of our country chose not to attend, he sited conflicts and time restraints……..good move Mr. President!

First interview as President
President Obama never ceases to amaze me with his poor personal judgement calls. If I thought a “first interview” with say Oprah would have not only devisive, but catering to the Hollywood glitteracy type. No he really dropped my jaw by giving his first interview to an Arabic New Network. He talked about how America is not your enemy, and how we should work for a mutual respect and partnership………short memory huh? 9/11?

While families lose income
Jobless rate increases, familys income going down, IRAs losing value, and all the while Congress increases their budgets. Congressional salaries increasing. This certainly sends a bad message. Is this what we want our children to see? Irresponsible spending is the new mantra of the liberal left.

Reduction of 75% in pork barrel spending
President Obama has stated, that he wants to reduce earmarks by 75% in his administration. It doesn’t matter that he was one of the leading pork barrel spenders in Congress, he wants you to now do as he says and not what he did. Of course this $825 billion “stimulus plan” which is crammed full of pork. Maybe just like a New Years resolution……I’ll lose weight…..yea, my diet starts………tomorrow!