The First 72 Hours

The First 72 Hours
By: Kevin Bryant

The Messiah of the United States hit the ground running in his first few days in office. He immediately fell in love with the “power of the pen” and signed some very controversial Executive Orders in record time.

First off, he ordered the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center within 12 months. This came from a man who right after a meeting with outgoing VP Cheney just over a week ago, said that signing that executive order hastily would not be the wise thing to do.

So, what are some of the ramifications of closing Gitmo. The first one is moving the prisoners there to facilities on American soil. This automatically takes away the military’s authority over the prisoners and places that authority in the hands of the legal system. This gives the prisoners access to civilian courts and civilian lawyers. It also forces the military has to hand over all the information they have on these prisoners and risk compromising national security or withhold evidence and allow these terrorist to be released from any type of custody. Once they are released, they can be deported but only if their country of origin or some other nation is willing to take them. If not, then they can be allowed to walk to the streets of our cities completely unchecked. Since I live less than an hour from Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, this means they could very easily come visit my neighborhood or hop a bus and come visit yours.

With another stroke of his pen, the Messiah has also made it a criminal act to interrogate prisoners beyond that which is called for in the Army Field Manual. This manual was written to give specific guidelines to the guys in the field doing the fighting, not to our intelligence agents. I firmly believe that Private E-1 Joe Smith who is 18 years old and fresh out of high school needs these restrictions, but not some CIA agent with 25 years experience.

The Messiah really must love his own pen more than he does roughly 70% of this nation’s citizens. In another executive order, he has made it possible for just about any woman wishing to have an abortion to access federal tax dollars to pay for that abortion. This order also allows monetary aide we give to other countries to be used for the same purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I am no right to life fanatic. I disagree with some reasons for abortions but I favor others. However, except for the only two reason I favor abortions (pregnancy occurred by an act of rape or incest), I do not want my tax dollars being spent just because some woman decided that she didn’t want stretch marks.

The Messiah also is expected to sign into law that gays can openly serve in the military, thus ending Bill Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Also coming soon is more than 1 TRILLION more tax dollars to be wasted on the NEW “New Deal” that will not produce jobs or stimulate an economy. There is the pending issue of massive gun restrictions that he is expected to push for, recalling the recently lifted ban on off shore drilling, more red tape to go though for the construction of nuclear or coal fired power plants and expect an attempt to circumvent the right that states have to define marriage.

For all you Obamamaniacs out there, be prepared, for you are about to get everything you voted for and more.