Still true to character…

Still true to character…

The $825 billion that has been labeled as “stimulus” has surfaced as nothing more then pork barrel projects, and things that don’t add a dime to the GNP. Originally touted as a project to rebuild infrastructure (road repair money), in truth gives very little money for federal road repairs.

The breakdown goes something like this; Of the $550 billion in federal funds, only $30 billion would be directed to highway construction, $43 billion is earmarked to expand unemployment benefits and fund job-training programs. Another $54 billion is set aside for renewable energy development and other conservation projects, like insulation for lower-income housing. And $10 billion is included for scientific research and research facilities already funded by the federal government.

“It’s a grab bag for every liberal program that Democrats have wanted or enacted for years,” said Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake, an aggressive opponent of federal spending.

The early criticism focused on presumed “earmarks” – a favorite war cry for some Republicans – including $200 million for re-sodding the National Mall and money for a mob museum in Las Vegas. Last week, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California referred to the House bill as an “$825 billion earmark” to expand the federal government.

$600 million will be used to replace the entire fleet of government cars with new “green” vehicles. $4.2 billion has been hidden as money for “neighborhood stabilization programs,” a cleverly worded refunding of ACORN. Remember them? They are the neo-nazi left wing radical group that the democratic congress uses for their “dirty work.”

With not even a month into Obama’s administration, the new President along with a consenting congress has spent their way to doubling the national debt. Undoubtedly they will blame the past President, even though he basically gave up all his personal decisions to the newly elected Senator from IL. some 2 months from his actual inauguration.

In the whole spending frenzy has anyone seen an increase in spending on the military? Have they approved wage increases for the military salaries? But they have automatic increases in place for congress! Obama has expressed an interest in waging war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and hasn’t increased spending in the military? George Bush had to wage a war after the Clinton Administration had cut the defense budget in half from the Reagan Administration.

Senate Republicans feel railroaded at this point. Not wanting to “offend” the new and very popular President, they feel as if they need to vote in favor of the stimulus plan just to placate the democrats who seek to dilute the power of the remaining Republicans.

Monday the country of Iceland’s government has failed, amidst financial problems. The government, recently elected as a fiscally conservative group, could not overcome the problems caused by the previous ruling party. They site a combination of past spending, and the present climate of international financial distress as the cause of the failure. The government has been disbanded and total collapse is eminent.

Even though Iceland is a small country, it underlines the need for a fiscal responsibility long before the damage is irreversible. Our country cannot stand the social/economic problems we are experiencing now, without massive changes. The last three years we have experienced a total domination of a democratic congress, and now we have a democratic President. There is no longer a check and balance system in our government, and left unchecked they will ramrod every social entitlement they can down our throats. We should be reducing government in our lives, not creating more.