The Militia Is Rising

The Militia Is Rising
Kevin Bryant

Our dear friends of the Southern Poverty Law Center recently concluded another completely bias research and fact finding report on the rise of Un-American Right Wing Extremist Militia Groups and reported that they are growing in alarming numbers.

This is the same group that was a major driving force behind the creation and eventual signing of the Brady Bill into law. The Southern poverty law center was very proud of this accomplishment but even they were disappointed with the final draft of the bill. It was too soft and it allowed everyday average law abiding citizens to continue to own handguns and various types of semi-automatic weapons.

Having grown up in the south and believe me…I grew up in poverty, I grew up in one of the top 5 nicest houses in the neighborhood and when my parents sold the house in the early 90’s, it sold for less than $25,000 and it was in really good shape. I just love the name Southern Poverty Law Center. That would seem like something I could easily support, but nope, not me, I have no use for these clowns and I know many in the south that don’t have a use for them either. Real southerners and not the northern transplants in Atlanta, absolutely love the second amendment and they exercise that right regularly. Growing up, there wasn’t but a handful of houses within a 5 block radius of where I lived that did not have at least 1 rifle, 2 shotguns and a pistol in the house and not a single one was locked up and you can safely bet that the pistols in those houses were loaded and ready to fire. Parents didn’t need trigger guards back then. The thought of a parent pulling a belt across your bottom was deterrent enough for children to leave them alone. At the age of 4, I already knew not to accept or hand a gun to someone unless I checked it to see if it was clear and to check it in front of the person I was handing it to or getting it from.

These jokers at the SPLC want more government control on gun ownership because of the rise of the militia types here in the United States. Guess who the militia types they are referring to are? They are you, me and everyone else who is exercising our first amendment rights and speaking out against the actions of our government. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, according to the SPLC, we – the law abiding citizens of this nation, need to be further restrained by the nanny state because we are perceived as a threat by these pinheads. We are a threat only because we stand in the way of their extreme leftist agenda. They can say we are a threat and the media will eat it up. If conservatives were to publicly announce that the SPLC or any other group was a threat to our rights, our liberties and our way of life, which by the way would be a true statement, the media would crucify us and just give the left more ammunition to push their socialist agenda.

Anatoliy Golitisyn was a very senior member of the KGB in the 50’s and 60’s. In the late 50’s he turned on the old Soviet Union and because a mole for the United States. We didn’t recruit him, he came to us. The CIA could not believe that such a high ranking officer in the KGB would willingly give information to the United States. They tested him for years. They tried every way possible to prove this man a fraud but they couldn’t.

In the latter half of the 60’s, we had copies of every plan the Soviet Union had for invading and defeating the United States. In every scenario, the Soviet Union could penetrate our country and destroy our military but the ultimate conclusion in every scenario was the Soviet Union losing the war. The Soviets did not fear our military and why should they. They had as many troops tanks and transports as we had. They had a variety of ways to invade undetected and could be in place to take out a multitude of military bases within hours of the first shot being fired. What they did fear was our civilian population. In their eyes and by the genius forethought of our founding fathers, America could not be defeated on its own soil because almost every home in America had at least one gun inside and that made every civilian a soldier and that they could not defeat.

The old Soviet Union is dead but anyone not fearful of the new Russia of today is living in a dream world. China would love nothing more than to see America in a war with Russia just as Russia would love nothing more than to see America in a war with China. If either were to take place, then at the conclusion the neutral country wouldn’t be neutral for long and either could defeat the U.S. & other country’s military with ease. Both china and Russia love Obama’s attempt to socialize our country. They would be ecstatic if the left gets it way and repeals the second amendment or have the courts decide that the second amendment does not apply to the citizens of this nation but to the government for military purposes as the left already claims.

Watch for another serious push for greater gun control by the left in the coming weeks and months. The Brady Bill passed under Bill Clinton. This President and this congress is even more radial leftist than at anytime in Bill Clinton’s time as Governor or president.