Shut Up & Go To Your Room

Shut Up & Go To Your Room
Kevin Bryant

How many times when we were all kids did our parents say to us: “Shut up and go to your room” or “Go to your room and be quiet”? I know I got that a few times growing up. Some more parental favorites: “Because I said so”, “I can do it because I am an adult”, “This conversation is over”. There are many more that we have experienced or witnessed in our lives. Now that we are adults, we don’t have to listen to that anymore, but that is exactly what the President, his administration and democratic congressional leaders are telling us to do.

Democrats and the liberal left were whining and crying non-stop starting at the beginning of 1995 and did not shut up until they got their majority back in congress and their community organizer President in the white house. From January 95 to January 09 all they did was whine and cry about this or that. They used ACORN and its many branches as their puppets to disrupt meetings, protest their causes in front of the willing media, bully those that opposed their agenda, stage rallies and community functions so make the liberal left appear that they are “for the people”. In some of these instances, it has been proven that the DNC & George Soros paid ACORN for their services. This makes ACORN nothing but a Thugs for Hire organization.

Now that the left has hit serious opposition to Cap & Trade and Health Care Reform, they have again went back to their old ways of whining and crying and telling everyone packs of lies and the media is spreading those lies for them like wildfire. Obama is losing his popularity and the DNC has realized that if they don’t do something drastic and soon, then all their gains in the 2008 elections will be lost. So, with the help of ACORN and the unions, they have resorted to staged (phony) town hall meetings, intimidation and have even resorted to hiring their own protesters by placing ads on Craig’s List for protesters and paying them $12 – $16 an hour. Ladies and gentlemen, this is desperation in its truest definition.

What is the left afraid of, the truth? Why would they feel the need to go to such drastic and underhanded methods to shut average citizens up who are freely and peacefully exercising their first amendment rights? From 1995 to 2007 these same individuals wanted people out protesting the actions of their government. They repeated that it was the duty of every American citizen to exercise their right to free speech. Now those same ones are the ones trying to block free speech simply because mainstream America disagrees with them.

Several, but still unconfirmed reports have stated that in the coming census, it will be required that illegals will be counted as well and those numbers will be used in determining the next round of districts represented in congress. This is just the latest of desperate attempts by the DNC to hold on to their fading power.

It’s funny when you think about this; many who want to silence us are the same ones who were out protesting the Vietnam War and shouting from the rooftops for the impeachment of President Nixon. Those that more or less remained silent during those protest are now the ones leading the charge in protesting Health Care Reform and Cap & Trade. This is the first administration I can remember being literally afraid of the over 50 crowd in America.

Continue to let your voices be heard. Continue to exercise your right to free speech and peaceful assembly. Remind those in Washington that they work for us both vocally and with your vote. Conservatives are starting to make a difference and the left is worried. To give up now just because the left wants to use thugs to try to push us around and silence us is just greater reason to be more visible and more vocal.

When we were little, our parents had the power and right to tell us to be quiet and to go to our rooms. This congress and this administration do not now nor will they ever be our parents or have that much power over our lives so long as we continue to fight for our rights and our freedoms.