Angry Opponents ???

Angry Opponents ???
Kevin Bryant

On the very warm summer morning of August 8, 2009 the less than illustrious and not so good Rev Emanuel Cleaver decided to give what turned out to be nothing more than lip service to some of the people he represented. I attended this farce of a meeting:

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO - A normally quiet monthly chat session with constituents turned into a overflow crowd as hundreds of people on both sides of the health care debate gathered at a Lee's Summit coffee shop to meet with U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver on Saturday morning.Cleaver did not take questions from the crowd assembled at JP Coffee, instead meeting privately with about 75 people. The line of people stretched around the building and for several blocks, with many in the crowd holding signs both for and against President Barack Obama's health care proposals.There were many vocal arguments from both sides of the debate, but the crowd was generally sedate in comparison to similar gatherings in other states where there were loud disruptions from angry opponents.In a statement, the Democratic congressman praised the constituents for discussing the issue in a civil manner."Our district showed that we can disagree civilly in middle America," said Cleaver.,0,5318886.story

Is this what we can expect from every democrat during this congressional break? Let me tell you what is missing from this article. The total amount that showed up for this pretense of a meeting that actually supported a government health care plan was less than ¼ of the total crowd.

Even though I wasn’t carrying a sign or loudly voicing my own opposition, I still had the “angry left mob” in my face with cameras and signs trying to get footage of myself and others who oppose Obama, Reid and Pelosi’s idea of health care reform provoking them. I do agree with the article that the crowd was peaceful and that was only because the “angry left mob” was unable to provoke any violent acts or explicit vulgar language responses. Believe me when I say it took a lot of personal restraint not to slap a few of those cameras out of my face.

Now, the same so-called reverend who stated how hard it is to oppose Obama because and I quote: “He is more popular than God” did show up, half the people in this tiny coffee shop that has about enough standing room for about 75 people when you remove the tables, was run out because he had to get his staff and entourage inside. From what I was told by security, almost all that were told they would have to leave were opponents of government health care.

A few minutes after the whole thing started, it was quite aware that Cleaver had no intention of allowing the hundreds outside to listen to what he was saying even though there is an outside PA system already in place and is used very night for people who wish to sit out on the patio and drink wine, coffee, tea and other assorted beverages JP’s offers. How do I know all this about JP’s coffee shop? I frequent the place on average at least once a week and usually spend a minimum of an hour there on each visit. They have EXCELLENT coffee.

So, little to no opponents of the administration’s health care plan were allowed inside. No one outside was allowed to listen. The only mob like antics came from those who support the plan. I forgot to add, those 75 or so that he met with afterwards to discuss issues were the same ones initially allowed inside so little to opposition would be displayed.

This was no meeting. This was nothing more than a staged Cleaver media moment. Since they can’t shut conservatives up, they will shut us out instead.