Is Barack Obama a politician first?

In the first six months of Barack Obama’s Presidency we have gotten a pretty good picture of his modus operandi. Some people have the idea he is nothing more than a ruthless Chicago Politician. They think he honed his trade in the community organizing field, and has fashioned his policies in the image of the socialist theme.

Well they are right in a way, but this only nicks the surface of what he really is. The political actions are only his altruistic view of how the world should look. We need to delve deeper into his psyche to see what drives him, to see what “makes him tick.”

I say this because I lived with someone who had exhibited the very same traits that Barack Obama shows. I lived under the shadow of a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. For 27 years I observed the very some patterns of behavior, the same rationalizations, the same bizarre denials, the same claims of self importance.

Some people will see Obama say one thing, and then usually do the exact opposite in the next move, and see it as bizarre behavior, but it follows a pattern that only a victim of this disorder, or a psychiatrist trained in this disorder can see. Narcissistic behavior is not someone who is in love with themselves; it is a person who is in love with the image they portray. Unfortunately that image is never the real person. False grandiose self importance is the main trait. Most victims see this disorder as a malignant affliction that never calms over time, but instead increases in intensity. Lying and distorting the facts is standard fare for him, and when caught in the act he simply denies. A narcissist never apologizes, he would rather spend 5 hrs to explain the rationalization to his action than to say two simple words….”I’m sorry.” He always thinks his way is best, nobody has the knowledge or experience he has, and he is willing to force his actions on others. He is a slick manipulator; he can sell an Eskimo ice, and then make them look forward to the next sale. He uses up people at an accelerated rate, he makes friends for one purpose, to use them at a later date, and then discards them when they become a liability. He has no limits who he will use to his advantage, family members, and children; there is nobody he considers off limits. He works without conscience, but knows that most people do, and therefore uses that against them.

These are but a few things to describe the very complex character of an NPD. Everyone he uses is considered “supply” and with a supply of 300 million people, he will not run out soon. I will make a few predictions though.

He will pass the Health Reform Act even at the cost of his approval rating; he will force it through on the reconciliation vote if forced.

He will then attack Cap and Trade with a renewed vigor.

After the vote and the passage he will revert to his campaign mode to rationalize why he did what he did.

He will constantly claim any program he wants is “what is best for America,” regardless of continuing polls showing the public doesn’t approve.

Politicians understand re-election plain and simple, they never want to give up power; they understand that if they keep voting against the will of their constituents, they will be voted out. Politicians like that are politicians first and foremost. Barack Obama is not a politician first, he is a narcissist first, and a politician second, and the sooner the public sees him for what he is, the sooner our country will be returned to the people.