If this is reality TV, I want to vote another czar from the island

I laughingly watch TV, as I see a totally inexperienced President take advice from equally moronic White House staffers. The latest debacle involving Van Jones is but one more embarrassment to an already ridiculous situation.

Van Jones stated in his resignation, that it was a “smear campaign” that brought him down? I suppose the next thing we hear will be how his words were just tiny snippets taken out of context.

Some people say that van Jones wasn’t properly “vetted”, but that claim is truly laughable. Because Van Jones was appointed to his position and not someone who was a cabinet appointee, no in depth investigation was made by the FBI on his background. In fact only a criminal background check was done on Van Jones. If you believe that President Obama didn’t know about his background you would have to have your head in the sand.

Even a lowly reporter like me can do a Google search on Van Jones and see his criminal, communist, radical leanings. Now if our President claims he didn’t know, it makes him na├»ve, stupid, or incompetent, none of which makes him worthy of his position.

I don’t think President Obama is any of those things, I think the appointment of Van Jones was a very calculated move. Obama appointed this man to use him to advance policy agenda. If it went unchallenged and Obama’s move to socialize the eco area of our economy was successful, he would then have claimed that it was HIS idea, and that was what America needed. On the other hand if it was unsuccessful, and the motives of Van Jones were questioned, Obama would just throw him under the bus like so many before him.

So in essence Obama has used yet another person in his quest, while claiming his innocence, escaping once more unscathed.

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