Unemployment continues to climb despite government intervention

Joe Biden praying his spin works this time

While Joe Biden was declaring that the Stimulus Plan is working and we are “saving jobs”, the new unemployment figures came out. Unfortunately for Joe there are no figures that can prove “saved jobs”, and at best all he can do is spin bad news into good. The unemployment figures topped 9.7% this week, but only reports part of the problem.

It is common knowledge that unemployment among minorities is usually double the advertised national unemployment rates. Also unreported is the “under employment rate”, meaning people who are accepting much shorter hours, or part time work in place of the full time work. That figure also is double the national advertised rate of unemployment.

If we calculate these figures into the mix the advertised rate becomes staggeringly high.
Spin the Stimulus Plan any way you wish Joe, but the figures don’t lie, and your boss told us his main agenda in the $800 billion plan was to supply jobs, and so far his actions haven’t fixed a thing, only made them worse.

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