Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot – Oscar

Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot – Oscar
Kevin Bryant

When is America going to wake up and see the America that this administration and congress is creating goes against every principle of our Constitution? Every Senator, Representative, Cabinet Member and the President all take an oath of office and in that oath is states to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

Those very same people I mentioned that swore that oath have twisted it to mean that they will protect the constitution and defend it from anyone who would dare try to apply the very principles and limitations that are supposed to be the law of land. Why would they block the Constitution from being enforced? The bigger question is why are we allowing this to happen?

Liberty & Freedom is not given to us by the government. It was given to all by our forefathers so that we may live free from intrusion of government into our lives. Yes, we are a nation of laws set forth by the government and there was a time in our nation’s not so distant past that laws were based on the principles of the Constitution and not in spite of it as they are being made today. Our laws were also at one time based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Try that now and the ACLU will fight it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright had it correct when he said that America’s chickens were coming home to roost but his application of that statement was incorrect. They are coming home to roost because Americans for far too long have allowed the government to grow beyond that which is allowed by the Constitution and no one ever challenged it. Government has inserted itself in place of God as Supreme Being of the land and we allowed it to happen because we were either asleep or too greedy & selfish or too worried about our own lives to stand up and take notice of the things that surround us.

If we just take a look at this week we see that our government wants to make it a hate crime just for having a negative thought about or discussing with another person about an individual who happens to be covered by hate crimes legislation because of race or sexual orientation. Our old pal Barney Franks wants to use what he calls “profit” from bank bailouts to help stable ACORN. How is it that the government can give out $40 billion dollars, get back $12 billion in payments from banks and think it is profit? And why is it that half the members of the House of Representatives supported and backed legislation that would give Congress (our law makers) access to the Treasury Dept books but Nancy Pelosi blocked it from ever reaching the house floor for a vote. So much for the transparency they promised and brag about.

Seems like not a day goes by that I don’t turn on the television and one of the first thoughts that runs through my head is: Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot – Oscar. If you do not know the meaning of this, ask a military vet.