Book Review of comical proportions

I got my typical monthly email from Amazon to announce new books from authors I enjoy reading, so just for giggles I searched for Harry Reid’s book “THE GOOD FIGHT,” now I say this in the most delicate way I can, to begin with I see “the good fight” as something you do against cancer, but obviously Harry Reid thinks “the good fight” has something to do with him, even though he hasn’t battled cancer. Maybe using all capital letters will help get the point across!

Somehow after searching for his book, I found it in hardcover for an astounding price of $3.12, which was far less than my own book used in soft cover for $7.00, so laughingly I purchased it.

Obviously he hasn’t an ounce of writing skill, so he hired an equally untalented writer to pen the book for him. The basis of the text works from his childhood in one chapter to his career in the next, making for an awkward style to say the very least.

He tells about his childhood in Searchlight, Nevada to his present day occupation of socialist in Washington.

In his description of his childhood, he gives the impression that he was one of the toughest guys in his town, of course the population of Searchlight. Nevada was VERY small, explaining his feeling of grandiose importance, and stature. He relates his experience of FDR’s “New Deal” as being the thing that “changed his life,” which explains his drift into the murky waters of socialism.

In the chapters dealing with the Iraqi war Reid totally ignores his pleas, along with most all his Democratic Congressional contingent to attack Iraq because they have the “weapons of mass destruction.” The intelligence that led up to this conclusion of WMD’s came from the Clinton Administration, not Bush’s. His administration was but 8 months old. Intelligence in Iraq was sparse at best, but President Clinton’s was all we had to go on, as most intelligence had to be gathered by informants.

Reid’s book was written after the surge had succeeded and he repeatedly claims that no amount of additional troops will fix the problem in Iraq. He was wrong, but that is another story.
He refers to the members of Congress that can be swayed to the Democratic side as true champions of democracy rather than the true turncoats they are.

His claims of the President go like this;
But during the first half year of his Presidency, he had cheerfully trashed several of our standing agreements, that for decades contributed to the stability of our planet…………page 78

Mr. President, cooperation is a two way street………page 97

Some people were saying we had become a one party government……page 97

If even the most controversial nominee could simply be rubber stamped by a simple majority, advise and consent would be gutted……..196

In a fit of partisan fury, they were trying to blow up the Senate……… 196

Time and time again, it (the White House) had attacked and discredited anyone who dared to raise a question about its preferred course……….page 213

Ironically these were all statements about President George Bush, but could equally apply to President Barack Obama.

The book is definitely a comedy, but to be honest, not worth the $3.12 I paid for it….if you are interested…..$3.12 will buy it!