We the People………..

We the people of the United States of America need to be heard, we feel disenfranchised, and we feel that our elected representatives no longer reflect what we see as being in our best interests. You vote on issues right now that will affect the well being of our grandchildren. As a whole (republicans and democrats) we don’t like what congress and our president is doing. We want something better than we are paying for.

These are our grievances:

We are tired of the idea that Congress is our leader, we are the leaders and you work for us!

We are tired that the federal government has not addressed the illegal alien problem. We don’t think that illegals should be entitled to money that legal citizens have paid into a system to have it merely disappear to people who have never paid a dime into.

We are tired of the arrogant nature of the congresses attitude. They vote in their own raises, they vote in their own retirement program, they vote in their own healthcare. Let’s make them adhere to the same things every other American has to. Find their own healthcare, beg for raises, and adhere to the same retirement system that any other civil service employee has to. Better still who gave them the right to vote on ANY of the things of this nature?

We thought it was a good idea after FDR’s presidency to limit a President’s term. Why is it good for a presidency and not for congress? Why would Congress vote on a bill that limits their own reign of terror? Let’s eliminate that!

What President has ever come in front of a world audience and apologized for the past actions of previous administrations, and the attitude of it’s citizens? What gives him the right to do so? What gives the President the right to release confidential and top secret documents of a past administration? What legal precedence does the President use to rationalize the takeover of private industry? What right does the President have to limit pay to those same companies executives?

What right does the President have to ignore the “science” of global climate change, and instead install his own politically driven opinion as the scare factor needed to tax carbon emissions?
What is the Constitutional precedence that allows the President to name “czars” who don’t answer to the public and only the President? We don’t live in Russia and don’t even appreciate you naming these people for past rulers.

We the people feel the President needs to move on and admit his effect on the economy now, and take full responsibility for it. The recent spending has been irresponsible and without rational behavior.

We the people believe in the Constitution word for word, not as a living document to be altered at the mere whim of a politician. We believe that any item not addressed in the Constitution is solely the responsibility of the states, as the document clearly declares.

We the people feel that healthcare is NOT a right, it is a product that everyone pays for, one way or another. The American people don’t want a mandate on healthcare they want a choice, if you want everyone to have healthcare, then demand everyone have it, but give them a choice, not a demand.

We the people feel that the direction of our country for the last 232 years has been one of a democratic society, that direction has been challenged, and is in the midst of being changed. This is not the “change” we voted for, there are plenty of socialistic countries in the world, but we don’t want that for our country.

We the people demand that our government works for us, and not the other way around.