Obama Sings While the U.S. Burns……..

Obama Sings While the U.S. Burns…….. Al Ritter While Obama enjoys an ice cream cone in Brazil the world is in upheaval. More rioting continues around the world this morning because of out of control spending while politicians continue business as usual. It seems we have no clear direction in the United States. Obama declares a “kinetic military action,” as reported by his National security Advisor, Ben Rhodes. What exactly does this term mean? Who really knows, no past President has ever used those words before. Using only a non-unanimous 10-vote nod from the United Nations Security Council as his rationalization, Obama committed our nation to yet another “police action” that poses NO direct threat against our nation other than the price of oil which is spiraling out of control already. Convinced by the UN and the Arab League to institute a no-fly zone over Libya, Obama’s promise to offer air support only to the coalition action is already falling into the typical Obama lie category, as 2,200 Marine troops now wait off the coast of Libya, prepared to lay down their lives for a civil war in a country we have no personal interest in. At least Press Secretary Jay Carney cleared things up by calling this a "time-limited, scope-limited" military action. It seems funny to me that President Obama seeks more of an approval from the world court (UN and the Arab league), than he does his own congress, to which he has clear cut directives that he must abide by to start an action of such large proportions. We have now been at war for a decade on foreign soil, and to add another Arab country to that list is irresponsible to say the least. Even the Arab League has not only backed out of its support for the action, it has not contributed one dime towards the expenses. Silent as crickets are the anti-war Democrats who thought they were getting a Nobel Peace Prize winning President rather than a record setting war monger who has set a new record of ALL past Presidents as having a war going on in 4 Islamic Countries at once. All this while our country suffers the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression……… Obama sings while the U.S. burns……..