NY – 23 Winners & Losers: Nov 3, 2009 Election

NY – 23 Winners & Losers: Nov 3, 2009 Election
Kevin Bryant

The 2009 election is over and for once, there were more categories of winners but in truth, more losers than winners when all the dust settled.

In both Virginia and New Jersey, the list of winners and losers are about the same. You have each individual candidate; you have their respective state party and their national party each being either a winner or loser as the case may be. But even those that did not vote for the winning governor of those states still are winners if those elected do what they said they would do. Only time will tell if they are able to make their states a better place.

NY-23. The election of Bill Owens was something I actually thought would happen when the republican pretender dropped out of the race and gave him her support. Since she did not technically drop out of the race but merely suspended her campaign, she left the door open to get back into it should Owens manage to drop the ball. Scuzzyfavors managed to pull enough votes away from Hoffman to hand Owens, her candidate of choice the election. And who says that republicans and democrats can not work together on anything.

The White House is trying to spin this race as the only one that was an actual referendum on their administration. The other two were state issue only races and have no bearing on the political climate of America. Of course they had this statement ready to go on Monday because I heard these same words at 6:00 am central time Tuesday morning, November 3rd. Now, how exactly did the White House know the outcome of these races before hand? Speculation perhaps or that they had different statements ready to go in case this scenario didn’t play out. The funny thing was, this was the exact statement and the only statement I heard on my drive into work that morning. The other thing that bothered me about this race was the percentages of the votes. From less than 1% reporting to 97% reporting, the percentages never varied by more than a single digit. I can not recall any election in history where the percentages stayed that consistent throughout the night.

So, who were the real winners of NY -23? Acorn, DNC, White House, Bill Owens, man made global warming believers, cap & trade supporters, unrestricted abortionist, socialist, government mandated health care supporters and anyone who believes that the federal government should have unlimited powers. Democracy, Freedom and the Constitution were the real losers in this contest.

I would gladly trade either governor’s seat for Hoffman picking up that congressional seat.