Letter to the National Republican Governors

Letter to the National Republican Governors
Kevin Bryant

Dear Governors,

Stopping the fraud, waste and outright assault on the American People and the Constitution starts and ends with you.

Our democrat controlled congress, lead by a handful of radical idealist have this country on the verge of bankruptcy and all out collapse. They are using the “Rules For Radicals” playbook and they are executing the plan perfectly. The one thing this book does not plan for is a well planned, coordinated and collective states uprising. With pressure, you can even get support from democrat governors in swing states to help stop this assault. That is if they are not counting on riding the President’s coattails to get re-elected.

A radical conservative governor’s uprising would put a halt to Cap & Trade, Obama / Pelosi / SEIU Healthcare Reform, repeal the Stimulus Bill, stop the assault on the constitution and make a major move towards resetting government back to the ideas, principals and intent of the founding fathers when they wrote the constitution.

Step One: Unify yourselves as one voice.

Step Two: Introduce legislation in each of your states to have your state declared a right to work state (union membership may not be mandated). Include that all votes cast in union matters in your states be by secret ballot only, eliminating any possibility of the oncoming Card Check Bill from ever reaching the house or senate floor.

Step Three: Challenge each and every section of the Stimulus Bill in federal court on unconstitutional grounds. Do the same for all of the President’s unconfirmed “Czar” appointments as well as all other actions by this President and administration that do not strictly adhere to the limitations of office as imposed by the constitution.

Step Four: Retain all federal tax dollars except Income, FICA and Medicaid taxes at the state level to pay for federal mandated but unfunded policies imposed upon the states.

Step Five: Call for a Constitutional Convention to discuss and impose common sense plain language, detailed restrictions upon the Federal Government as to what they may specifically do or not do. Leave no room for the federal government to challenge the meanings and specifics.

The radical left will never see this coming because conservatives by nature talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk in recent years when it comes to standing against the radical left within this government.

I want this country to be the country our forefathers intended it to be now and in the future. If you want the same, please at least consider these actions.

Kevin Bryant