Liberal’s New Weapon: The Recall Vote

Liberal’s New Weapon: The Recall Vote
Al Ritter

At one time our society used the recall vote to remove someone from office for social indiscretion, theft or some other moral cause. Now the democrats are using recall to remove Republicans from office for anything they don’t like.

Such is the cause for State Senator Russell Pearce. Who is Russell Pearce and why should you care? Senator Pearce wrote the most powerful bill in America at the time to allow his home state to enforce something that the Federal Government refuses to do.

The liberals flooded his small district with out of state money to form an alliance to have this politician removed. They succeeded in his recall vote, he is now gone. They now have a new target, one of his best friends, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Their declared intention is to have the “trouble maker” removed. The same big money will be behind them as they attempt to remove every Republican they don’t like in high visibility areas such as Arizona.

It surely isn’t the first time liberals are misusing a law to their benefit!

For those of you who don’t know who Russell Pearce is………..he wrote the bill SB 1070 in Arizona allowing local Police Departments to ask about their illegal status…………now you know the rest of the story!